Friday, July 18, 2014

Main Street U.S.A.

Friday's Main Street
Our first little mountain town Main Street is in Marshall, NC.  It runs along the French Broad River and railroad tracks. The picture below is the Court House.
Going across the bridge to "Blannahasset island".  It's residential, very hilly and the old high school is also there.

 When the new school was built the old school was turned into a number of artists' studios.  Wouldn't it be fun to take a peek inside?  Several of the studios are open to the public.

This piece of artwork is of Main Street, looking across from the bridge, you can identify the different buildings.  There is a stand in front of the piece which will be a description of the scene, artist one day.
Coming back to Main Street from the "island"
 Back on Main Street
More of the metal artwork
This is the Presbyterian Church (one of 3 on Main St.)  As I was taking pictures the Pastor came out and asked if I like taking pictures of churches.  I explained that we were registering our cars and that I love Main Streets in small towns.  To my delight I was given a tour of the church, and in the Fellowship hall (which is ceiling to floor of the most beautiful mahogany wood that I have ever seen) looking out the side window, inches away is the mountain that was blasted to erect the church.  It was a little frightening to see the blasted stone so close to the glass window.  The original building dates back to the 1800, this "new" building was built in the 1950's.
 This is the north side of the Church, see how close the mountain is, there is a little garden in the corner.
Marshall - Madison County
Populations - 868
I hope you enjoyed our stroll down Main Street.
Weekend Blessings


  1. I loooooved seeing where you live . I t looks such a pretty town. Wow they did build that church very close to the mountain.
    I wonder how the bears are at camp?. I do hope they are having FUN...
    Hugs Granny

  2. What a cute little town and a great idea for your blog series, too. That's so neat the pastor of the church came out and gave you a tour! Now that is something that only would happen in a small town! Thanks for taking us along:)

  3. Looks like some of my old 'stomping grounds'! Love seeing the photos you've taken and all of that art work. Enjoy your weekend my friend and that glorious weather! Hugs, Diane

  4. What a fun we tour, we hope you do go and explore those artists' studios, and take your camera along *hint* *hint*


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  5. I adore small towns with Main Sts. It is very scenic where you live. Hope all is well with you and the bears.

  6. It looks even more familiar after spending the afternoon there today! And it was SO beautiful! We walked Main Street and I took bunches of photos. We had a good day! Sweet hugs, Diane


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