Welcome, it's a pleasure to meet you.  Here is a little bit about myself and the humans I live with.

I'm Prudence Clearwater and was "born" in 1991, Pleasanton, CA.  "The Bear's Blog" is my Blog written by me although I do rely on "Mom" from time to time, she helps me with loading pictures, taking some of the pictures and trying to keep peace between LuLu & Flora (my little sisters).

About Mom:  She was born and raised in Springfield, New Jersey, you know, one of those "jersey girls".  She is an only child and wishes she had 2 or 3 brothers - not sisters, but brothers - go figure.  She and "Dad" married in 1974 and resided in Hackettstown, New Jersey. 

Mom began making bears in Pleasanton in 1989.  She participated in doll and bears shows all around the bay area.  Some of her designs have won awards but she doesn't talk about that - I do (giggle).  I was created as a travel companion, they were all packed and ready to move back east when she decided that she wanted to make one last bear - that is me.  She also designs miniature scenes, is learning basic quilting and now her new passion, Primitives, oh - and one more craft - altering things, like stick pins, paper clips, keys, making them pretty and unique. Oops, one more thing - now she is trying her hand at shabby chic. Now she has another shingle to hang up - Author.  We just published her first book "Three Bears And A Vulture".

I live with my Mom & Dad, Molly Brown & Jessica (Jessie), our two rescue doggies in Western North Carolina.

  We are a Christian family and worship our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Mom has been on her personal journey with the Lord, and sees how He has worked in her life and how He has helped her to get to where she is now in her Faith.  She smiles when she tells people "He moved me across the country to get my attention.  It worked!"

I hope you enjoy visiting us.  Our friends are blessings.

Hugs ♥

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