My Miniatures

I love crafting but my first love is miniatures.  Teddy bear making lead me to make smaller bears, then different wee little animals and then onto miniature room boxes and display pieces.
Here are a few of my very favorites

Ladies Fashions Shop
Ladies Fashions Shop

Lady's Hat Shop 

On Sunday's we would always go to my Grandparents house for dinner.  After dinner we would take a ride and on the way home stop at our favorite roadside stand in Hanover, NJ.  My Grandmother would buy apples in the fall, and of course make sure there were enough for my parents to take home.

This is my memory of how the roadside stand looked.  I used a pre-built wooden structure, added shingles, painted them red and continued to decorate the stand. I hand laid the little flagstones in mortar (made for miniatures) and I used synthetic straw and a fall background to finish off my scene.

This is my favorite room box (of course, it's Christmas).  It was a huge project and took hundreds of hours.  I upholstered the chair, made drapes/cornice's, made the tree, all the fruit is Femo, wrapped wee packages with bows, made the wreath, laid the cherry flooring plank by plank, electrified the fireplace, tree, mantle candles, and chandelier.  There is a plate of cookies for Santa on the end table with carrots for the Reindeer.  The project was an online class by Cynthia Howe Miniatures.
Lil' Indian I made for my friend, Cindy, in Colorado who is a miniature artist.

Zack & his little buddy, ZeeBat bringing home the Halloween pumpkin.  Zach is 4" tall and fully jointed.

My gazebo is called "Winter Woodland".  The trains are Z scale and run with a regular transformer.  The "snow" is a combination of Kosher & Sea salt.  Scale is 1/12th.

1/12th" Scale

 Wendy Witch (created by Carol Buttermilk Creek Farm
needed a house, so I designed her pumpkin house for her.
Again, 1/12th" scale

 Monkey & Lil Hank.  Monkey was a special order from a couple in the UK and he was a bit nervous going across the pond so his little bud, Hank, went with him.  Monkey is 7" tall, Hank is 4" tall.