Friday, September 12, 2014

Something Spooky

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Something Spooky is going on here in the mountains.  Oh wait, I am thinking that our house shall be referred to as The TreeTop House.  Yes, I like that.
So, me & Mom have been working on some Halloween pieces and since our online show isn't until November 1, we certainly can't offer Halloween after the fact.  Sooooo, we are having our first annual Halloween Craft Show (online) show on September 30.   More to come........

Now I have to go and design a banner, see you next week.


"We wanna help too."
Oh boy, here we go again.
No, it's me and Mom.
"Not fair, we like spooky too."
Ha, you are the spooky, what's to like?
"We're gonna go upstairs and make Halloween crafts and sell 'em at your show."
"You just watch, Stupid Prudence, we're gonna and our "things'll"  be more better than yours".
Um, you said -"things'll""more better"?
"Why is she laughing like that, LuLu?"
"Ya got me, Flora."

This is the banner that I just made while LuLu & Flora were blabbering.

(Picture courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)
Over on our "Crafty Corner" page Mom shared some nifty ideas about collecting and drying your own pumpkin/squash stems.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall Decorating

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Our witches & Pilgram mouse collection - artist
Carol Stuck
Good Friday Morning.
I'm taking a break from Main Street USA travels, I want to show you our fall decorations and then it will be time for the autumn leaves.  I want to do a few posts on our fall since it's our first here in WNC.
This is Wendi & her Pumpkin House.  Wendi was our first little mouser from Miss Carol.
Mom made her house from a craft pumpkin, Dad does the electrical in all of Mom's roomboxes.
and by night....Mr. Bones guards over the house and Miss Wendi.
Dining room decorations
 I made this squirrel centerpiece several years ago.  I went to our local nursery and they set up a little worktable for me and I just went to town picking and choosing.
This little cutie is Miss Pumpkin, the first and only doll I ever made.  My friend over at
Terra De Duendes gave an online workshop two years ago.  We had the pattern then dressed her the way we wanted, the theme was Halloween. 
Last year this little girl was all tucked away in a packing box waiting for the movers but this year she has the place of honor in our little dining room, perched on the hutch.  Birdie is her little pet crow.  This was the first time I ever painted fabric and I enjoyed learning that technique.  I then used it to paint little pumpkins on her apron.

Okay, I gave Mom a little wiggle room and let her write about some of our decorations.  I like the centerpiece and Miss Pumpkin, she did good

Have a wonderful September weekend.
Heaps of Hugs

Friday, August 29, 2014

Main Street USA

 Friday's Main Street
by Prudence
This is my first Main Street USA motor tour and we are in
Burnsville, NC
Yancey County
Traveling northeast of Weaverville, about 29 miles we come to a very lovely small town names Burnsville.

 Hensley Historical House
This is where we had lunch, it is the Hensley House and is 200 years old, now a wonderful, charming restaurant.  The day was so bee-u-tee-ful that we ate in the front yard.
The town is built around the town square, 4 roads lead to the square, North Main, South Main, East Main, and West Main St.  No traffic lights, no stop signs, when you are at the crosswalk everyone stops to let you cross.
Town Square
Beauty in The Park
Bed & Breakfast on the square
Times Journal Building
Isn't this wonderful, it's painted on the brick building.
I saved the best for last.  We were walking around the town square and this church's bell was playing, you just wanted to stand there and let the music embrace you.
Higgins Memorial United Methodist Church.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, I loved showing you around and spending time with you.  I wish you a most wonderful weekend and Happy Labor Day, if you travel please be safe.

Heaps of Hugs

They're home, it's like they didn't miss a beat......(poor me)
 "Annoying, getting in the way, mischievous, brats, naughty, not listening, yes, the bears are home!

Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm Home

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Reflecting...  Camp Good Bear
"Dear Oak Tree, parting is such sweet sorrow, but we will be back in July"
(I won't tell about the two names carved in you)
Hi Everybear, I'm back.  Camp was a blast, in fact nobeary wanted to leave, not even the cubs.  Toby and Tony cried when they saw Mom & Dad drive up, they thought if they could hide we would leave without them.  Then, as soon as they saw Mom they almost knocked her over with hugs and kisses.
Plans are underway for 2015, and would you believe registration is closed?  Yes, as in SOLD OUT.
I'm not suppose to say anything, but Wilbur will be a Director next year, oh, he will still have his workshops and participate in all the activities but he has more responsibility in the "planning" now.
I hear that Mom's segment on Main Street USA was very well received so I am going to take over for a few weeks.  I really want to do the post on WEAVERVILLE,  it's where I live and I love it so much here, so that will be coming up in the near future.  My first road trip will be to Burnsville.
Our newest little additions to our Etsy Shop
The Mouse House
 Bunny & Pumpkin
BEARS...just b-claws by joyce


Country Impressions 

 Mini Addictions

Friday, August 15, 2014

Main Street U.S.A.

Friday's Main Street
is in
Barnardsville, North Carolina.
Still another beautiful, quaint mountain town.
This very small town has no "Main St." as I know them, with sidewalks, but it is charming and very friendly.

 This little restaurant, Sheena's, is the only eatery in this little town, and the food and hospitality were wonderful.
I love this barn, with the American flag, I saw dozens of barns and they all had their own personality.

Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, August 8, 2014

Camp News

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi everybear, it's me, Prudence.  WOW, are we havin' a great time at camp.  Nobeary is homesick or crying for their bearents, bearents on the other hand,  are really missing their cubs but so happy that they don't want to go home early.

Bearents Day was busy, not as busy as last year though.  We bears that come every year decided that our bearents don't have to come up every year.  So we spread out and are guides for the new bearents, here for the first time.
Wilbur has a huge following, he is teaching fishing (he is THE pro),  how to build a campfire, build a raft, and lots more.  After a LONG day we meet at our oak tree and share the day's adventures, and ideas for the next few days.  It is SO beary wonderful to spend these weeks with him.
I've been talkin' your ears off, so here are some pictures.
Raft Race
(Team Wilbur is in the lead)
Team Wilbur

 vs. Team Prudence 
Team Prudence, we are not showing our "star rower", but he is quite a hunk. 
(Cousin Jackson is taking the picture) 

Heaps of Summer Hugs,
 Building A Birdhouse
Buster, Tony, Violet, and Toby and  of course Little Miss Bluebird 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Main Street U.S.A

Friday's Main Street

Traveling a little due north of here, about 11 miles we come to a beautiful little town, Mars Hill.  The town is home to Mars Hill University, a four year, Christian school.  When the town was founded and the school was built it was Mars Hill College, a 2 year school, but in 2013 it changed to a 4 year university.
Let's just "say it with pictures".
Main Street

 This is a beautiful residential home on N. Main St.
Mars Hill is in Madison County
Population:  1800
University Campus
 The one room schoolhouse, students from age 6 to 22 years attended daily, one room, one teacher.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, filled with love and sunshine.