Friday, February 12, 2016

Craft Room Update

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence & Missy

Hi, everybeary and everybunny.  How was your week, super duper we hope.  

We have been busy with painting our craft room, as you well know 'cause we keep telling you all about it.  Giggle.
One thing lead to another
those wooden window blinds - history
that UGLY ceiling fan/light - history
the new
folding pleaded window shade
small ceiling fan/one light

Now it's our room, our very own, our mark, signature, ours.  And we love it.
Oh no, Vlad has somethin' to say and he doesn't look happy.
Vlad here....

well, life around here sure has changed since that little bunny girl arrived.  It's all about the girls now, make our room pretty, we want pretty window shades, we want, we want, we want.....and they get everything that they ask for, everything.
Do I get things that I want?  Nope - it don't happen.  Can I fly around in the craft room - Nope!  Can I poop on the floors - Nope! Can I eat out of the trash - Nope!  But oh, the girls can do nothing wrong.  They eat peanut butter and carrots upstairs, they can look in any drawer in the craft room, and they always refer to it as "our craft room".
Let me tell you - life in this house is for the birds, oh, that was stupid - I AM A BIRD!  I am stressed, very stressed I tell you.
Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 5, 2016

My New Sister....

It's Funny Friday
by Missy

Good morning everyone, I'm Missy Carrots Mayer, I just arrived at my new forever home last Friday.  I am from Buttermilk Creek Farm, and Miss Carol created me.

Prudence wants me to write our post today 'cause she says we will share writing and that I need to find my own style.  What does that mean?

My travel from Michigan to North Carolina was bumpy but it only lasted 3 days oops, Prudence said I should spell numbers out, it only lasted three days so it wasn't that terrible.  Mom says she could hear me thumping the inside of my travel box and knew when I was getting closer and closer.  The mail lady left me at the side porch door and Mom was there in seconds to grab that box.  And then the fun began....oh wait....."Prudence, I can really show pictures here?"  Okay, I am suppose to say 
Let's show it with pictures.... (oh, this is so much fun)
Lets' show it with pictures

Here is what I look like.......
Mom says I'm as pretty as a picture
Those pretty Valentine gifts were from Miss Carol two years ago.  Miss Carol and Mom have been good friends for lots of years, they both love prezzies and send each other tons of prezzies all year, they don't need a special occasion.
It was so nice meeting you, I do hope you come back for another visit.  Prudence and I will write next week's post - it's about "oh, I'm sorry, Prudence, I didn't know that we don't tell about the next post."
Thank you for visiting us.
Hi Guys,
Isn't Missy adorable?  We are having loads of fun, and we will tell you about our adventures in upcoming posts.  She doesn't want to share her Easter egg with me but that's okay, she is brand new here and when she  gets more better settled in she will understand that we respect each others stuff.
Heaps of Hugs

Friday, January 29, 2016

Back where I left off....

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Man, nobody could get their act together, and Mom was crazy nuts putting us in time out.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could put her in time...............oops, never mind.

WAIT A MINUTE!  February 29? February has 29 days this year?  Leap Year - I almost forgot - can't a girl ask a boy to marry her on 2/29?
"Sweetheart, I think you have that confused with Sadie Hawkins Day"
Here is our January ornament
Big, fat LuLu took the ornie for herself and won't give it back.
And, I know that Vlad told you about Mom's new closet in our craft room, well, Dad did such a nice job, he is always thinking how he can make things nicer for Mom. They decided that since the new door and frame work has to be painted that they will just go ahead and paint the room - it needed to be done and now is the perfect time.  Mom bought pretty new curtains for the window, green and white check 'cause she knew that when they painted she wanted her favorite, bee-u-tee-ful color (Benjamin Moore) Lighthouse.  It's a very pale, calming yellow.  So that's what we are doing now.  Because the room is so large and Mom has her sewing machine in a cabinet and her serger on that table, plus work table, desk and computer, all that stuff, we will paint the room in thirds.  It'll take time but I think it will be easier in the long run.  And, Mom won't be shut out for even an hour.

So, here are some pictures

Wow, Mom can't believe the area that was sealed's about 20' to the left and maybe 8' to the right and about 10' deep.
See you next week, I'm working on a Valentine surprise.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Anyone here?

It's "Friday Is For The Birds"
a/k/a/"Snowy Friday" 
Early this morning.
Hi Guys.  It's me, Vlad.  I'm the only one not in a time out so I'll try to entertain you.

Um....I don't know what to do?



Whew....thought I had lost you....I have something to write about, Mom's new storage space.  Dad decided to go up into the  attic to check on installing the vent hood when they redid the kitchen.  Well, boys will be boys and he went crawling around and came to our craft room - well, surprise, surprise, there was a very large HUGE storage area behind the the wall.  Dad told Mom and asked if she would like more storage in her ALREADY big craft room.
So, as Prudence always says
"I'll show you with pictures"
 Dad wanted to make sure about what he was doing (no hidden surprises) so he taped off a small area of wall and opened it up........yippee, no surprises.'s snowing, snowing, snowing.  Big storm up here in the mountains.  Yippee.

Friday, January 15, 2016

LuLu & Flora

It's Furunny Frysday
by Lulu and Flora

"LuLu, how do you spell the day after Thursday?"
"I don't know, stupid.  Look it up in the dictionary."
"How can I look it up if I don't know how to spell it, goofy face?"

"Let's just not post and wait for Miss Prissy Pants to get outta time out?"
"Good idea, dizball!"

Happy day after Thursday and day before Saturday everybeary. 

Lulu and Flora

"I want my name first!"
"Give it up - it isn't  happening!"


Friday, January 8, 2016

...and the list grows

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence


Okay, last time I told you snowmen were the #1 priority this year - and yes, I speak the truth.  But...also on the "to-do" list is membership in Ornament Girls by Staci Ann Lowry,
November Ornament
December Ornament
(January kit is in the mail)

 and Mystery Stitch Along by Rebehak L. Smith.  Two clubs that have a monthly project, we already made our November and December ornament, and the Mystery Stitch Along has just begun with our first mystery applique piece coming in February.

Other than that, we are doing 12 Days of Christmas gift exchange again this year with Miss Carol over at Buttermilk Creek Farm.  Can't tell you more, Miss Carol may be peeking in the window.

Vlad goofed on New Year's Eve, he took a nice long drink of Mom's ginger ale, yeah, you guessed - it was champagne.
"Mom, it's so bright in here..."
  Have you ever seen a tipsy vulture?  Tis something you would never forget.  You see, they fart - I mean FART - like knock you off your feet, give them alcohol - yikes!  Oops, not allowed to use the "f" word.

"Prudence, the way you are giggling up there I am assuming you are using that  word, and I am not pleased with you right now."

Oh boy, I'm outta here.......


I'm grounded!

LuLu and Flora with be posting while I'm in time out.
"Hey, dummy, I'm gonna do the posting and you can watch."
"Oh yeah, fiber brain, I want to write."
"Flora, you are so annoying!"


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Posted by Michael Goddard, Software Engineer

Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

New Year Greetings
It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi Guys.
WOW, it's 2016, Leaf  Leap Year, and...only 11 months til CHRISTMAS!  No, really we begin 'tis the season in September.  We decorate for fall on September 1, add some Halloween on October 1 and then it's Thanksgiving and a few trees are up and decorated.

Snowmen continue to be the focus for 2016.  Mom is making Mr. PineCone, actually she has been working on him for a year, she got hung up on his shoes and just stopped everything.  Finally, she saw a snowman with boots and that sparked the brain cell, and everything fell into place.
Now, picture this -
Sunday Morning about 9:45
M&D come out of Church
Mom has her bee-u-tee-ful forest green coat on, nice shoes and what does she do?
Heads to the BIG pine tree - to do what?
Mostly the ones on the ground but it never fails, she will see one or two hanging beautifully on a branch and shouts to Dad "that one".
These are perfect for making Mr. PineCone.
He's tall, skinny, a little a lot a ton of whimsy, big feet, LONG legs, oh - I guess I will just show you -

ha, NOT.  Nope, he's not ready yet but Mom isn't up here so I'll show you bits and pieces (and if you tell her, I'll be in bits and pieces, so - HUSH)
Oh, wait a minute, Dad gave Mom a new camera for Christmas and I don't have a clue on how it works, work with me here, pretend these pictures are all in focus and lovely, okay?

 Remember, not a word! Hush! Silence! Quiet! Shhh!
Heaps of Hugs
See ya next Friday