Friday, July 31, 2015

Camp Good Bear Pictures 2015

It's Friday Camp News
by Prudence
Hi Everybeary.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.  We are having a great time at Camp Good Bear, it's so much fun to see camp friends and catch up on stories.
This is Edward, it's his first year at camp and he is so shy.  It's okay, we accept each other just the way we are, and when Edward is ready he will let us take his picture.
On the other hand, the Black Twins are always up to mischief, if not climbing trees they are jumping out from behind one and scaring us.  It's so much fun and most times we pretend that we are scared, it makes them growl with laughter.
This is Gloria Grizzly, she is the Head Bearscelor and keeps everything running smoothly.  Most of the time she is in the office but she loves to come and see what activities we are involved in, her very favorite is honey collecting.  Actually, we never collect much to bring back to camp, but you should see our paws - one BIG sticky mess.  Giggle (that's all I'm sayin').

See you soon.
and...I couldn't end without a picture of Wilbur
He is giving his talk on safety when we are boating on the lake.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Clockmaker

It's Funny Friday
without Prudence

Remember the wonderful stories of the little old clockmaker who lived in a small little town?  Well, we have a kind soul here too.  He is right out of the pages of a Norman Rockwell photo album.  He is German, speaks with an accent, has more clocks to repair than he can handle.  Our Grandfather clock needed service after the move to WNC.
(If you look closely, Molly is resting on her bed in the family room - left of clock)
We found him (along with our local piano tuner) and made an appointment, he comes to you.  He came last November to look at the clock and explained that he would take it (the clock movements) to his shop and access the damage. He carefully wrapped each piece in bubble pack, and carefully placed the pieces in a heavy duty Rubbermaid® container, it took two containers.
  He was exact to his word, called exactly when he said he would and told us he could do the repairs but it would be a long wait.  On July 16th he came with the pendulum, weights and spend a long time working. 
He was in contact with us several times over the period of time and estimated delivery in June.  Well, it's July but we have our Grandfather running beautifully.  He came,
with the two containers, put on his clockmaker apron, unwrapped each piece very carefully and went to work.

Wishing you a very happy weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Camp Good Bear 2015

It's Funny Friday
 Camp Good Bear
Hi Everybeary.
Guess who was waiting for me by "our" big oak tree?  WILBUR.

Oh my mohair, we just hugged and giggled and hugged some more.
 Then Wilbur put on his bathers (in the boys cabin of course) and we went fishin'.
I don't like the slimy fish, and Wilbur is very sensitive about that and never teases me.  But tonight we will have his "catch of the day" cooked on the campfire.  Everybeary (including the Bearcelors) is waiting for supper.  Thank you, Wilbur.


Friday, July 10, 2015

and....we're OFF!

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

It's morning already?  (YAWN)  Mom packed everything (except us) up in the car last night.  We had a pizza party to celebrate going to Camp Good Bear, but Mom had to cry because she misses us when we are at camp.  We finally made her laugh and we just filled our tummy's with pizza, and that made me and Jackson sleepy so we went off to bed.

We were up at 4:30 this morning, way too excited to sleep, so Mom made a nice bed for us in the back of her SUV, our blankies and pillows smell like lavender and we had no problem falling asleep.

Mom woke us up at a nice pull off on the Blue Ridge Parkway and we had our picnic lunch.
We are about 4 hours from Camp Good Bear and Jackson is taking some pictures, we will post them during our stay at camp.  We won't write every week because we are busy having fun and learning about nature, but we will be thinking about you.

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence & Jackson

Friday, July 3, 2015


It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Happy 4th of July
"One Nation under God...."

My prayer for this holiday weekend is safety for our nation and all who are traveling.  For our Military, whose serving, those who have served, their families and friends.  God Bless you all, and THANK YOU.

Have fun, be safe.

Friday, June 26, 2015

How many do you see?

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Thought I would have some fun and show you some "peas in a pod", a teddy bear pod that is...
Here is my family
Me, of course.
Sally Heartstring
(my cousin)

(my cousin from CA)

Happy Weekend

Friday, June 19, 2015

Planting Bench

It's Funny Friday
by Jackson & Prudence

Hi, Everybeary, Happy Friday.
I thought you would like to see a picture of Mom's planting bench.  Several years ago Mom saw a bench in an outdoor garden magazine and asked Dad if he thought she should buy it.  Being very practical Dad said that he would build her one, the one in the magazine was overpriced for the quality.
As always, he makes what she has asked for bigger and better.  So off he went, to the lumber yard and brought home not just plywood, but redwood planks,brass screws and lots of urethane varnish.  Over the years, in the scorching heat and humidity in FL it faded and didn't look very nice, comparing it to what it looked like new.
Well, it's not new but "baby look at you now".  With no more blistering heat, harsh sun, and humidity we don't think it will need stripping and varnishing again.
It has an opening for a dirt pan (actually Mom uses a plastic kitty litter pan and drills drainage holes).  The top shelf is removable but it's perfect for the flowering cactus in the warm weather, M calls it "cactus summer camp".
This is "Sunrise" it blooms in the spring and unlike the Christmas Cactus, its blooms close at night.

Hugs, and have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Father's Day

Jackson & Prudence