Friday, September 4, 2015

Sweet Annie

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
(I'm helping to decorate for fall.....)

Look at this.....

Last year Mom bought 4 little Sweet Annie "sprigs" in a 4 pack at the garden center, they grew and at harvest time were still small so we decided not to cut them.  They died over the winter months and then all of a sudden in the spring THIS HAPPENED, we had planted the little plants on the OTHER side of the fence.  Boy, we can't wait until next spring to see how much more of an area will be for Sweet Annie.  Mom says we can harvest and dry some over the winter.

On to other news....
We are decorating for fall, the days are so much shorter and in the morning it's still dark at 7 a.m.  Mom is baking all different kinds of goods with pumpkin, we all love pumpkin, even Molly Brown and Jessie get a teaspoon on their breakfast and dinner, Dr. Allison (their Vet) says it's good for them, a good source of fiber.  Giggle, fluffy poopy.

Cousin Jackson is still here, he wants to stay until after Christmas and his bearents say it's okay.  Mom bought him his own sled and he is all ready (a smidge early) for snow.

Vlad is all hyper, he says it's his time of the year, autumn, Halloween, scary stuff and all that creepy stuff.
I think I overheard Vlad and Cousin Jackson conspiring to scare Mom, Jackson may be leaving for home sooner than he thought.

 See you next Friday, have a beary nice weekend.  Don't forget to hug your teddy bear.


Happy Labor Day Weekend.  Have fun, be safe!

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's me....Prudence

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Remember me?  Of course you do.  I'm home and had a wonderful time at Camp Good Bear.  I am a senior Bearscelor which means more behind the scenes  than I would like but we need to keep things running smoothly.
I have lots of pictures to share and Mom will be  posting them in our camp album shortly.

Wishing you all a beary, merry weekend.
Heaps of Hugs

(Notice I didn't mention Wilbur?  Why?  Oh bear, I'll never tell and what happens at camp stays at camp.  Tearfully we said our good-byes, and promised to meet at our old oak tree next summer, gave each other.......oh no you don't, you thought I was going to tell, didn't you?)
The girls are still celebrating National Dog Day, and it's Friday and that means
"Yes Vlad, I know it's almost September 1 and yes Mom will begin decorating for fall on Monday, don't get your feathers in a flurry."


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Up, Up, & Away.......

It's Funny Friday
without my Prudence

 Taking the garbage out - mountain style.
Thank goodness for the trailer hitch.  We recycle in blue plastic bags, that is in the back along with any cardboard we accumulated during the week.
In the snow and/or black ice.........don't ask.....

Wishing you a very beautiful weekend.  We are going up to Camp Good Bear to pick up Prudence and Cousin Jackson on Sunday.  I don't think they are anxious to come home, summer camp was exceptionally fun, and they made so many new friends

Until next time...........

Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Healthy Frappy

It's Funny Friday
without my Prudence

Hi, hope you are beginning a wonderful start to the weekend.
I am always on a quest for a healthy version of something that is really good, a little something special for an occasional treat.  Here is what I came up with:
Happy Healthy Frappy
1 cup chilled strong coffee
1/2 cup 2% milk
3 scoops reduced fat coffee ice cream
2 Tablespoons Nestles Quick
1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract
1 cup ice cubes
Garnish with "Whipped Lightcream" (Publix)
5 chocolate chips
Makes 2 servings

Friday, August 7, 2015

Wool Applique

It's Funny Friday
without my Prudence
(Block #1)
I have a new passion, the art of wool applique.  Doreen Frost
over at Vermont Harvest Folk Art has an applique group, Wooly Stitchers, and I am actually learning this wonderful art form.  The group is beyond wonderful, everyone is so helpful and encouraging.  I am left-handed so watching a how-to video can be challenging, or even reading instructions.  I mentioned that to Doreen and the next thing I knew she had posted if anyone was a lefty could they help me.  Here is what I have done to date, we are working on an autumn table runner:

We are working from the wonderful applique book by Rebekah L. Smith.  It is written for both the beginner and experienced, with all patterns included and step by step guides to all required stitches for these projects, plus a summary of wools that may be used for the projects.This book is well worth having in your crafting library.
  (Block #2)
This is my second completed block, working on #3 currently and then onto the background and completion.

Wishing you a beautiful day and weekend.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Camp Good Bear Pictures 2015

It's Friday Camp News
by Prudence
Hi Everybeary.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.  We are having a great time at Camp Good Bear, it's so much fun to see camp friends and catch up on stories.
This is Edward, it's his first year at camp and he is so shy.  It's okay, we accept each other just the way we are, and when Edward is ready he will let us take his picture.
On the other hand, the Black Twins are always up to mischief, if not climbing trees they are jumping out from behind one and scaring us.  It's so much fun and most times we pretend that we are scared, it makes them growl with laughter.
This is Gloria Grizzly, she is the Head Bearscelor and keeps everything running smoothly.  Most of the time she is in the office but she loves to come and see what activities we are involved in, her very favorite is honey collecting.  Actually, we never collect much to bring back to camp, but you should see our paws - one BIG sticky mess.  Giggle (that's all I'm sayin').

See you soon.
and...I couldn't end without a picture of Wilbur
He is giving his talk on safety when we are boating on the lake.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Clockmaker

It's Funny Friday
without Prudence

Remember the wonderful stories of the little old clockmaker who lived in a small little town?  Well, we have a kind soul here too.  He is right out of the pages of a Norman Rockwell photo album.  He is German, speaks with an accent, has more clocks to repair than he can handle.  Our Grandfather clock needed service after the move to WNC.
(If you look closely, Molly is resting on her bed in the family room - left of clock)
We found him (along with our local piano tuner) and made an appointment, he comes to you.  He came last November to look at the clock and explained that he would take it (the clock movements) to his shop and access the damage. He carefully wrapped each piece in bubble pack, and carefully placed the pieces in a heavy duty Rubbermaid® container, it took two containers.
  He was exact to his word, called exactly when he said he would and told us he could do the repairs but it would be a long wait.  On July 16th he came with the pendulum, weights and spend a long time working. 
He was in contact with us several times over the period of time and estimated delivery in June.  Well, it's July but we have our Grandfather running beautifully.  He came,
with the two containers, put on his clockmaker apron, unwrapped each piece very carefully and went to work.

Wishing you a very happy weekend.