Current Offerings

Santa Mittens

Each mitten is hand stitched, made of wool felt and/or wool.  They measure 9.5" tall by 5.5" wide.
Asking $15. ea. + shipping
Three Bears And A Vulture
Our first book contains funny stories, real stories, poems, fairy tales.
Asking $10. postage paid
Snowman In Globe
Mr. Snow is all ready for winter.  He stands 9' tall and is all decked out for the holidays (or just winter).  He has 3 rusty jingle bells for the buttons, glass bead eyes and a clay carrot nose, and rusted wire for his arms.  The lid is padded and covered with plaid fabric.  Coffee stained cord/tag with a reindeer sticker completes the lid.  This is an original, one of a kind design.
Asking $25. + shipping.
Snowman Treasure Box
Measurements are 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.5" deep.  It's made from a beautiful wooden cigar box.  It's hinged but not with brass hardware (my own design).
Asking $14. + shipping
Miss GoodWitch
GoodWitch is a punch needle wall hanging.  It measures 10.25" by 5.25" and has a string for hanging.
Asking $15. + shipping
Mr. Tom's Harvest

This offering is a wood stained treasure box.  The top has a needle punched scene of Mr. Tom and is bounty of pumpkins.  The box measures 8" x 5" x 3" deep, and is hinged with brass hinges.
Asking $28. + shipping


  1. Does this mean you will be making more bears or things for the bears? I hope it means both! I will be your beary best customer. :o)


  2. Yes. We have some surprises that we are working on.



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