Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Funny Friday

Friday, July 9, 2010
Here we are, Prudence & Sister with our "fishy" story. Even the fishies are laughing at Mom.


We have no idea when or where this began but it just keeps getting worse. Mom is AFRAID, bone chilling AFRAID of fish. Okay, so just don't swim in oceans or lakes - not a problem. Nope, it doesn't stop here. Please note, though, she could never hurt a fish, catching a fish is not even an option, nor can she watch fish being caught. She can go into the seafood store because there aren't any living fish. Oh, they had a tropical fish tank (probably took it out because when she walked in she would use the other door, away from the tank, and have a look of utter fear on her face) it was probably bad for business.

When Mom & Dad finally go out for dinner it's always for Sushi (Mom is really a mess) and Mom tells us that every Sushi restaurant has a (you guessed it) "tropical fish tank". The one place that they love has the tank between the reception area and the Sushi room. There are little curtains that separate the two so the waitress holds the curtains back so Mom & Dad can walk through. Mom walks to the farther point, walks with her back against the wall - geez - it's embarrassing. And finally that hurdle is over (but they have to leave after dinner) but she says it's easier than coming in. Go figure.

Tabitha & Jackie are two of Mom's friends who know all too well about the scary fish. Tabitha is gentle, she really is - but that Jackie, she is evil. She always has to show Mom her purse with fish on it. Once, not too long ago, she gave Mom a little gift - it was -----oh please, forgive us we just can't stop laughing and we can't type through the tears-------okay - sniff, sniff - better, it was a pack of shark gummy bears. Oh, that was a scene.

The beach - oh boy, you don't wanna be there. Mom loves to shell, but she only will get her toes wet. You can see down to the bottom in the Gulf, nope - "sand sharks" - NOT. The minnows frighten her - are you laughing as hard as we are???

We could go on for hours, but it's just too painful. Once, on vacation, very early in the morning Mom & Dad were walking on the beach, Mom strayed, she was actually jogging and there on the sand was a baby shark, sadly it was dead but Mom did take a close look and she said it was beautiful - it was about 12" long and pure white, with not a mark on it. That saddened her, but she could not pick it up and throw it into the surf.

One more thing - "SHARK WEEK" - good grief, Charlie Brown. We have to sit and watch it over and over again. Poor Dad, he watches with us. Actually we don't watch the screen we watch Mom. She can't look at the big sharks, and she covers her eyes and makes the weirdest faces. If it hurts that much to watch let's turn to another channel. Nope. We watch because we have to watch. Mom says she has to be reminded that she can't go in the water.
We can't go on - our little, furry sides are splitting (figure of speech) from laughing so hard. Oh one more - there is a commercial on the telly about smoking - it has a shark grabbing a man's arm - have you seen it? She has to leave the room, almost falling over the furniture - can't get away fast enough.

We hope you are laughing, we are. Mom is a good person but you have to admit she really has a problem. But one thing you will never hear from her, making fun of someone's fear - a friend is terrified of Butterflies but not once will Mom make fun and for that we truly respect her. Oh, she won't sit in a bath either - we just had to throw that FYI in, you know, it's those dangerous "bathroom pipe fish". LOL She can squish a spider, not afraid of snakes, lizards, but FISH. If you never hear from us again, it's because Mom read this post.
Prudence & Sister

P.S. We have the orginial "Jaws" video. It's almost worn out. We are buying her the DVD for Christmas.'s a secret. (o:


  1. Prudence & Sister you are so very true - there are so many funny stories about the fish and they all make me laugh. But "mom" is the most loving and careing person you will ever meet. Glad to call her a loving, great friend.
    ps thanks for being kind about me in the post - and I agree about Jackie - she loves to torment.

  2. Ah, gee - I am blushing. You are a true blessing in my life, Tabitha.


    From the Bear's - "Hey, Tabitha, what about us?" Aren't we "sweet & loving too?. NOT.

    Hugs anyway,
    P&S - giggle, sounds almost like peanut butter and jelly. (o:

  3. Did something traumatic happen to her when she was a child? I am afraid of water bugs. Geeze, they are so ugly. I have not seen one in years but they still scare me to death. Bad childhood with water bugs. Yuck. I can't even talk about it anymore.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Miss Pam,

    We are sorry to hear of your fear, the only thing we fear is Mom taking our honey jar away. And after writing this post it may happen today.

    We have no idea where the fish thing started or how - all we know is that it can be pretty funny. Oops - sorry. Giggle, giggle.

    We are in MORE trouble, we were playing on Mom's new "puter" and somehow deleted our Blogs That We Follow. I hope when Dad comes home he knows how to reinstall it - she will be pretty upset if she has to type all that information again. It's just one of those "Funny Friday's" (o:

    Prudence (Sister is scared and hidding under her blankie.)

  5. OH MY! I would never have made it through watching the Shark thing...never~! NO! Never, never, never!! (I'm sure you know what I mean!)
    I'm afraid I'm with your Mom on this one!

  6. You and our Mom would get along great.

    Prudence & Sister

  7. I totally relate about the bathtub. I'm ok now but as a child I was terrified that a trap door would open and sharks would get into the tub! Also...I LOVE to swim but I WILL NOT go into a lake without someone being in the water first and I don't think I will ever swim in the just never know what's under the surface! Oh...I do love fishing though and I can pick them up and all that...but I don't want a fish nibbling my toes! I'm deathly afraid of spiders though...about as bad as your Mom is about fish I'm afraid. I hope you two have a wonderful day..give your mom a hug for me ok. Maura :)

  8. Hi Miss Maura,

    Wow - the bathtub thing must be serious. But Mom says that spiders can be very harmful and sometimes you can't see them. PLEASE be careful.

    Prudence & Sister


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