Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Please Welcome Beth to BEARS...just b-claws

We would like to introduce you to Beth.  This little girl loves tea parties, puppies, kitties and bunnies.  For the photo Mom tied a little silk bow on her tail and when we tried to take it off she became very fussy and looked so sad.  As you can see - the bow stayed.

Beth is up for adoption in our Etsy Shop @

Hugs, and have a happy day
Prudence & Sister


  1. Good morning! :)
    Is Beth a little Pachyderm? Is that how you spell it? So cute!
    And...thank you so much for your most welcome visit! I was so pleased to see you had stopped by!
    :) Mona

  2. Hi Miss Mona,

    We love to visit, in fact we would like to come and live with you. Mom says "girls, nobody would want to put up with your nonsense".

    Yes, Beth is a little baby girl elephant. And of course we have a funny story. Mom jointed her head which made her top heavy - she kept falling on her truck, solution, a nice thick bolt in her tummy. Giggle,honest, really.

    Prudence & Sister
    Mom is busy cleaning, but she says "Hi, Mona".

  3. Please tell your Mom "Hi" back. And I think the bolt in the tummy to keep her from falling over..was a perfect idea. I have often thought I needed a "bolt" in my keep me from falling over!
    Actually, I am not so sure you would like it see...I have this little dog that thinks anything that is stuffed is something for her to chew on! Yes! Can you imagine? My bunny slippers are a good example. Poor bunnies!
    Love and hugs,
    p.s. However...:):)to be honest...I am sort of in the market and been looking over your sibblings. :) I am sure your Mom has guess by now that I am "in the market" to some extent. Trying right now to be stong and buy only what is needed! KNOW how that goes. The harder I get the point. :)

  4. Oh Miss Mona, we have two puppy dogs, we love animals. Mom just makes sure we are "out of reach" giggle, giggle.

    Poor bunny slippes, maybe she just wants 2 pair for herself, giggle, giggle.

    Prudence & Sissy
    (big hug from Mom)


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