Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scary Tuesday

Hi,  it's just us, Prudence & Sissy, here to tell you a very funny story.  We may get into trouble if Mom sees our post but it will be worth it......hold on to your "funny bone" here goes.....
Mom went out at 7:30 this morning while it was still fairly cool to blow the driveway (we had a storm come through and things were messy).  When she came in she said, "girls, it's nasty out there" and went to shower.

Later she was passing by the "puter" and decided to see if anyone had written.  She stayed for a few minutes and then went into the bathroom and towel dried her hair.................what's so funny you ask - she had done that and fixed her hair and was all done with getting ready for the day.

You should have seen the look on her face when she looked in the mirror - hair was all done, dry, combed - her face turned pink and she mumbled "I'm loosing it". Hahahahahahahaha - we all ready know that, Mom.

Now that is a scary story...........isn't it?  Whoa.....honest, this really did happen. (o:

We hope you have a lovely day, filled with love & sunshine.
Prudence & Sissy


  1. Prudence & Sissy, LOL!!!
    But did mom not drink her water, protein shake & coffe this morning? She may have gotten way to hot (ie dehydrated)in this MUGGY weather. Tell mom to be more carefull - she is greatly loved & we don't want anythig to happen to her.
    Mom - thanks for the laugh today - but I think we've all done something similar.....

  2. Hi Miss Tabitha,

    Mom was flying high on a bowl of fresh fruit (with STRAWBERRIES) & a cup of coffee. She had to shovel some of the sand & dirt into a pile - we think that is what she meant by "nasty".

    Mom says "thanks". Knowing she isn't alone makes her just laugh at herself. And she says that she knows she is loved. No funnies about that. Oh, we ate all the tomatoes you gave Mom, YUMMY.

    Hugs & Strawberries
    P&S (giggle, giggle). That means Prudence & Sissy (o:

  3. Glad you all enjoyed them.... and that mom was willing to share. Did she also share with Jessie & Molly?

  4. Well, Jessie ate them but Molly doesn't like maters.

    Thank you Miss Tabitha, they were just yummy.



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