Friday, August 6, 2010

 ~It's Another Funny Friday~


Here she is "Darla", all ready to find just that one special person to love.  Mom says since it's her first it's going to be difficult to give her up.

BearDucklin's are little creatures that are misfits, and no two are alike.  They don't belong to any one species, they aren't a teddy bear or a duck. And we noticed, for some reason they don't have fur on their little tummies. 
They are not easy to find, they hide in special little places, a strawberry patch, a head of cabbage in a special, loving garden, a rose garden - very early in the morning, when the dew glistens on beautiful green leaves, the little bunnies, fawns & other baby animals will look for them.  They are only visible to a baby, innocent & pure of heart (woodland babies).  
The little Hummingbirds flutter just above the garden patches looking for a BearDucklin', & when they see a little one they have a special call that only the baby animals can hear.  They come and gather up the little BearDucklin' and bring the little one to our secret garden just waiting for their first human hug.
We pick them up & cup them in our paws and bring them to Mom.  We all gather around and welcome them and then Mom gives them their very own special name, and their little story.  The girls' are on pink paper & the boys' are on blue paper
Have a wonderful weekend filled with love.

Prudence & Sissy...just b-claws


  1. Oh I can so relate to being a misfit! Been one most of my life! LOL!! I love it when people really use their imagination and come up with something quite unique ... well done!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  2. Thank you, Sandi. She is different.

    We aren't misfits - we are unique.

    All of Us.


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