Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Funny Friday

The Village of Bears & Iris, thank you for joining our "growing" little family, it is an honor to call you friend.  Welcome, and thank you.

Well, it has been a quiet week &  Mom has managed to stay out of trouble,
We were rummaging around in the craft room and found this cute little cloth picture
that a friend sent to Mom, gosh, maybe 12 or 14 years ago and she never could think of anything creative to do with it (duh)...
Ah ha, and idea....a miniature Christmas quilt.  We are planning on doing a shadow box (miniature) "The Little Quilt Shop" and this would be so cute hanging on the wall from a quilt rack.  And Mom will learn how to quilt ~mini style~, so that is our plan for this sweet little square.
Mom is finishing up a bunny and after that we are going to get back to miniatures for awhile, she has several projects that need finishing
like her Grandparents old mantel clock.  It's almost done, and the name is "A Moment In Time".  The face of the clock will be hinged with the time set to 11:59 pm (Christmas Eve) which opens to this little mouse house. We will post pictures when it is completed. As you can see Mom still has a little chair to assemble (it's 1/4" scale).

We have had a wonderful week, we have new friends and that is so exciting...and we thank each and every one of you - THANK YOU.
Blessings, & have a wonderful weekend.
Prudence & Sissy AND...
Little Darla, the BearDucklin'
a/k/a "Funny Face".  Giggle.


  1. Hi !!!
    A miniature quilt ist a great Idea and will look perfect in this gorgeus little house . I can't wait to see the whole project finished ;-) Have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh! we forgot to say... Carla is so a cute little duck. I like her with these beautiful colors and happy face ;-)

  3. Hi Alicia,

    Thank you for the lovely compliments, they made our day. (o:

    Happy Weekend,
    Prudence & Sissy
    (especially Mom) (o:

  4. A miniature quilt is a perfect idea! And the mouse house looks amazing and lovely!!!

  5. Whoa... I can't believe you guys have someone around who can make things your size! H is totally worthless at that... if I'm lucky I'll get a napkin as a blanket... if I'm *really* lucky, it'll be a clean napkin!

  6. Hi Dot, how are you?

    We wish - those little furniture kits are from BJ's Miniatures In Utah. There is NOTHING here, just a Michale's & JoAnn Fabrics. We have to mail order everything. And NOTHING to do with teddy bears. )o:

    H loves you and we know you have a wonderful home. But just like us, we like to complain about our humans. (o: It's fun.

    Happy weekend.

    HOH (Heaps of Hugs)
    Prudence & Sissy

  7. Hi Miss Heather,

    Thank you for the lovely compliments. We can't take credit but we do encourage Mom and always tell her how much we love her work. That is a sure way of getting some extra honey. (o:

    Happy Weekend.

    HOH (Heaps of Hugs)
    Prudence & Sissy
    Mom says: "Thank you, Heather".

  8. hello ,I started to wish you a great weekend.hugs

  9. And you have a wonderful weekend too. Thank you.

    All of Us

  10. What cool creations, can't wait to see what happens with the fabric painting

  11. Well, with what goes on in Mom's head it should make for an interesting project.

    HOH (Heaps of Hugs)
    Prudence & Sissy
    (Mom is busy planning the mini quilt and we have the "puter" all to ourselves. Ah, life is good.)

  12. Oh, my goodness...
    These are so cute!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog!
    Thank you for sharing~


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