Monday, August 2, 2010

Well, since Mom tells us that we are troublemakers, (she even calls us evil) we decided to live up to our reputation. TeeHee.
We showed you Darla the B _ _ _D _ _ _ _ _ _' well, her head.  Instead of showing her to you we are going to is another something....could it be a leg? Arm? Antenna? Hahahahaha...

We're so bad "they probably wrote a song about you"....whew - that song is a blast from the past.  Mom's past, not ours. (o:  yep, golden oldies...
Oh boy - big, BIG trouble for us now. Gotta run and hide "nowhere to run, nowhere to hide"...
Prudence & Sissy


  1. Hello girls! Hmmm I still haven't figured it out yet but I'm not giving up either. I think that's a leg with a foot but I'm not sure...the other is an ear..I think LOL! Thanks for stopping for a visit to my blog...I love your comments. I wanted to let you know that we're not sure what started the second fire in the barn but we all seem to think that it was a hot spot from the first fire. It had probably been smoking slightly but the burned wood smelled too and we couldn't see any smoke anymore. Our temps have been around 100 so that probably didn't help either. Anyway we are ALL safe and sound so life is still good...just a little sadder these days. I hope you have a wonderful day...give each other hugs and your Mom too ok. See you soon....Maura :)

  2. Miss Maura,

    Mom says she wishes we could take your sadness...our hearts do hurt for you - truly. The blessing is that you are all safe and unharmed and for that we are so very thankful.

    Ha - so you think you have it figured out do you? Well yes and no. The leg with a foot - yes. The ear - nope. Not even close.

    Love you, sweet friend - we REALLY do love you.

    All Of Us
    Please be careful in this heat. Friday the weather man (we love that phrase) said it reached 103. We are being very careful too.

  3. hmm, I think that's a birdie's leg and a wing. Darned if I can work out what it is though!

  4. Hi Miss Katy,

    We love that you stopped in for a visit. You are very close at guessing our little Darla's species.

    Tomorrow we are dropping another hint, or rather we are helping with what she is.....giggle. Sort of "The Name Game". (o:

    Prudence & Sissy


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