Monday, August 23, 2010

A Thief In The Night
"Who, me?"

For those of you with a small dog you will probably just shake your head from left to right.  BUT those of you who have a large dog will shake your head up & down and probably be smiling.
The other night Dad let Molly & Jessie out for their bedtime potty.  They come in and get a  MilkBone (TM) and everyone proceeds to the bedroom.  But not that night...
Dad heard a funny noise at the other end of the house and Jessie was not on the bed.  Oh well, she will come when she is ready.  The next morning Mom went to the BIG, rolling bin to get their breakfast and the latch was ajar.  She was surprised that she had left it that way the night before.
Another bedtime - same thing happened only Dad had an idea of what was going on.....yep, he quietly went and looked into the utility room and sure enough, Jessie was helping herself to a bedtime snack.
BUSTED.  CAUGHT.  She figured out how to undo the latch and prop the lid up on her head.
But still not a word to poor Mom.  Finally Dad called to Jessie, "little thief in the night, what were you doing?"  Ah ha, the unlatched lid.......
We have Jessie almost 18 months now and twice a day she & Molly walk in to "help" Mom fill the dinner bowls and Jessie has just been watching that latch.
We all love our puppy dogs & all the silly things that go on here.

We wish you a happy day filled with smiles,  funny stories, and puppy dog kisses.
Little Miss Molly Brown

Prudence & Sissy


  1. The photo is great!!! " What? Where? Who? Meeeeee? oooops"
    Have a nice week you all!

  2. Miss Alicia,

    Thank you, the pups are sweeties.

    And you have a wonderful week too.

    Prudence & Sissy

  3. Hee hee, how could you not trust that face... ;o)



    PS, the bears are hoping their blog will be up soon, they got the e-mail address set up already, but it takes them a while, they're easily distracted...

  4. Hi Miss Katy,

    That is exactly what Jessie tells us, HA! Can't wait to hear from our friends, it's going to be so much fun.

    We are busy taking care of Mom. Saturday she broke out in Shingles and today she had to see the Doc. So it's going to be quiet here for awhile. She is a TERRIBLE patient too, won't listen to us. )o:

    Heaps of Hugs,
    Prudence & Sissy
    (Mom too, of course)

  5. LOL!! That is too funny!!! We had a dog that did that to....and she was sooo quiet about it to!

    The Shingles you poor thing!! Get lots of rest!! And get better soon!!!

  6. Hi Kristina,

    Yes, it was cute but we must watch that waistline. No harm done, she actually is down to 80 lbs as of Friday.

    I have never hurt this much in my life. As bad as poison ivy is - compared to this it's "a walk in the park". )o:


  7. Ha ha ha exactly the same happened here a while ago when our dog figured out how to get access to a large bag with tripes. It was so nice to watch her running up & down to the garage into the garden with another new tripe...self-service!!! LOL.....Her fun didn't last long....LOL!!!
    Hugs, Thea

  8. Good Morning Miss Thea,

    Puppy dogs - ya just gotta luv 'em. (o:

    Have a wonderful teddy bear kinda' day.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence & Sissy


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