Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Funny Friday

Hello, how are you this wonderful Friday morning?
Prudence Clearwater, Editor-In-Chief
M made the centerpiece
Dining Room

Family Room
It has been a quiet week, and I am happy that we celebrated the first day of autumn, although it really hasn't arrived here, yet.................waiting.  The house is all decorated, here are a few pictures of what Mom did -

Sissy, The Office Manager
 Ya know, sometimes M really chafes my mohair, she went and made Sissy the office manager.  Give me a break, she doesn't even know how to sharpen a pencil.

Mom speaking. " Prudence has become a little too 'in charge' lately and can be unfair to the 'little one', who is always trying to please me and brings me little presents that she makes in the craft room. When P took over the Blog I could see the hurt & disappointment in Sissy's eyes (hand blown eyes are so full of expression) and I knew I had to step in.  P has to learn that she is not the 'top'  bear here, I AM.  Hopefully now that they both have "important" positions it will be peaceful. We shall see...."

Have a wonderful weekend, filled with smiles, love and sunshine.
Heaps of Hugs

me's herr,  n i luv u berry much, o - i men beary much
sissy (orfice manger)


  1. Prudence I did not realise you were so tall. You must try not to be a bossy boots and let Sissy share your load.
    Joyce your home looks very welcoming and pretty for fall.

  2. The house is looking lovely, very welcoming. Now come along Prudence and Sissy, play nicely together - you have to set a good example to the rest of the hug!

    Nicki, x

  3. Well maybe sissy is office manager because she is so pretty!!!
    Happy Weekend sweet bear friends :)

  4. Hello!

    Just wanted to wish you a happy weekend!


  5. hello friends, this beautiful home in wonderful decoration.big hugs

  6. OH my goodness! It looks like things have Fallin' at your home too! Now if we could just get the weather in CA. to cooperate. :)
    Lovely home you have...just lovely!!


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