Monday, December 6, 2010


We would like to give a big, special welcome to Diny Wiggers of
Please drop by for a visit.  Diny has a wonderful Blog and adorable pictures of Joey.  It's so nice that people post pictures of their "best friends" on their Blog.
Thank you, & WELCOME.

Kathi, thank you and welcome.  Please visit Kathi at
Kathi has adorable pictures of  her pet, Nickolas, and "Kathi's Diary" is wonderful.

Sandi of Ess D' Ess Bears & Bearly Sane Studio.  Sandi's addresses are
Please stop by and say hello to Sandi and her wonderful bears.  I was just reading her recent post that she is now creating mini bears and enjoys it very much.


M was SO EXCITED to see 3 new friends in one day.  That has never happened before.

Heaps of Hugs

"What furniture? This isn't MY chair?  Okay, how about if I share this toy with you?"


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  2. hello dears friends!!
    Yes in our forest there are a lot of Christmas trees.
    We always love coming here and looking you.
    A happy week for you.
    Big Hugs.

  3. Hi Duendes,

    Thank you for writing. We love Christmas trees. M LOVES them more than anyone I know.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your Christmas trees.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  4. Hey girls, Lulu started her journey today. She's travelled in my dad's hand baggage and had a lovely view out the window on the way over to Philly.

    Lots of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan

  5. Hi Clan,

    Yippee, we can't wait to meet her and have a tea party with honey and peanut butter snacks. It's gonna be so much fun. A new sister - oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. WOW.

    Heaps of Hugs

  6. Ahhhhh I spot a X-mas tree in your house too. I have mine also dressed up last weekend. It looks so nice, I love x-mas trees. Must take pictures of my tree these days.
    Hugssssss, Thea

  7. Hi Miss Thea,

    Oh yes, that is just one of the 5 major trees, then we have the baby trees. It's like a Christmas forest in here.

    Thank you for writing, we love your compliments.

    We would LOVE to see pictures of your tree. Please?


  8. My goodness! I had no idea there were so many..Bear blogs! Oh the JOY!!! :)
    Prudence, sweetie...I am catching up..forgive me, ok.
    Had a cold and was up all night taking meds and trying to visit...
    Everything at your house looks gorgeous!
    I'm and "M" too...only mine is for Mona...ok..AND for Mom. :)
    I get all lost in the business of being a "G" ..which stands for Grandma you know..
    Love and hugs and Merry Christmas..
    M ..Um..I mean Mona


Thank you for writing, I love to receive mail and comments on my posts. Thank you for dropping by and have a most blessed day. Hugs, Prudence