Monday, January 10, 2011

WELCOME - Another New Friend

Welcome Mely Lugo
Thank you for joining us.  Please drop in for a visit, you can find Mely working at
LA CASITA DE MELY.  Mely is very talented and does many different types of crafts. Again, THANK YOU & WELCOME.

A Big Welcome to Terri
Thank you for joining us, we hope you will enjoy the Bear's silly stories & adventures.
Terri designs greeting cards, please drop in and say "hi", you can find her at
Terri's Tries @ Making Cards and while you are visiting please look at her post on December 27, 2010 "when you are ill".  The picture of the 2 mice is precious.
WELCOME & Thank You

Welcome Mimi
Thank you for joining our little family.  We hope that through the bear's silliness we can bring laughter into your day.

WELCOME & Thank you.

Welcome Nicki
Nicki's Little Ted Cards are amazing.  Her Christmas designs are the cutest that I have ever seen.  Please stop by for a visit and see her artistic designs.

Welcome Brendi
Please drop in at  Brendi Dolls  and see her beautiful creations.  You can find her busy at work
designing new dolls.

Sunshine & Hugs
All Of Us


  1. The music you are playing sounds like a tune they played in the film Dangerous Liesons. The danced a very slow and and meaningful dance...remember? It's probably not the same song but it's a lot like it.
    I'm all undecorated except for the front porch but it's been so darned cold one wanted to go out and do it.
    Hugs! :)

  2. Hi Mona,

    Thank you for dropping by, I always enjoy your visits. Not sure about the film and music.


  3. Hi Joyce, have a lovely week!

  4. Lots of info today. Hope your week is marvelous. Hugs, Kim

  5. Well, the film is an English film and there were two English and one American. The music was the very old ..Victorian or whatever they call it..sort of music and it was just lovely. The costumes in both films were amazing...and of course I love anything old fashioned...which reminds is your little doll coming along. I have meant to ask you.
    I have to laugh at the "count down until Christmas" in your sidebar. Cute! :)

    I hope you are having lots of sign ups for your giveaway. I have only had one and I was a basket case! :)
    Can you believe that little dolly was out there in such a mess. That is an expensive doll actually. At least for a play toy, it is.
    And little Moosey...isn't he cute. He is even cuter than the photo! I gave him a spritz of that disinfectant stuff...which of course gave him the sneezes..and with his nose..well..I don't even have to tell you! :)

  6. Hi Miss Mona,

    Eeee-u, Moosey sneezed - "snot" funny. Very messy. Stand back - hahahahaha. Whew.

    Heaps of Hugs

  7. Hey, look me in the blog, you're out there waiting for a reward.
    Thank you.


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