Friday, February 11, 2011

 It's Funny Friday
Going to the dentist....

Well, it happens every 6 months, and so I go.  I don't mind the dentist, it's just cleaning, checking and once a year - x-rays.  So what do I fear?  - my TEETH.
In my early teens I had to have braces, but before they could go on I had to have 4 teeth pulled, and then there were those 3 impacted wisdom teeth - oh that was fun - they had to be surgically removed.  I looked like a chipmunk for weeks. )o:  There was no sign of a 4th so I am guessing one day it will pop out on my nose.  )o:

I have a very small mouth (oh, Prudence would have fun with this one) and I have 24 teeth.  And I do tell you the truth, after all that, I do fear tooth problems.

Oh, but the worst is that sucking stick they want to put in my mouth.  It sounds like a fire hydrant in reverse.  I have this nightmare of me being sucked into the plumbing system.  It's so bad that I have to get up and rinse each time the "stick" would be used.  Do you know how many times they do that during a check-up? Many, too many times.  Every once in awhile they forget and when I see the stick coming I just put up my arm and block the attack.

I always felt that I needed to explain about my fear until they told me about a patient who has the same fears except she has to have about 20 cups of water ready to use.  So the Hygienist lines them up for her.  Yes, I have a wonderful dentist and staff.  Fear can be debilitating, but funny (when you are telling the story).
Oh, and the conversation.  Now I have my mouth open wide enough for an 18 wheeler to enter, so wide that my jaw locks, and then the conversation begins.  "How are you, any problems with your teeth since we saw you last, how was your Christmas?"  Um, I wonder if they really do understand "mumble"?  Cause that is about all I can get out.

But, I pass my check-up with flying colors and forget about all the fear for six months.  (o:  And, I get a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss for all my anxiety.  This visit I got an orange toothbrush, certainly not my color but at that point I just wanted to see the door and get out into the fresh air.  And my teeth feel so slippery.  (o:  Don't have to think about this until August.  (o:


From the Editor:

 (That's me, of course, PRUDENCE CLEARWATER) "Good grief, she is making a mess of my Blog.  She can't write, tell a funny story, be I am sneaking upstairs and using her laptop.  Besides, she did give it to me when she got her new puter.  I will be posting next Friday.  I DARE her to stop me!!!

Happy Weekend


  1. I feel with you, I love my dentist too...
    wishing you a pleasant weekend
    warmest hugs

  2. Hi Astrid,

    Thank you for writing, we enjoy your visits. Yes, having a dentist that you trust is most important.

    Happy Weekend


  3. dear friend,
    We fully agree it is not pleasant, but after going to the dentist is so nice to have the teeth in are even more beautiful .
    wishing you a weekend of sunshine and happiness.
    big big hugs

  4. Dear, sweet, Elves...

    We just love to hear from you and know that you are enjoying yourselves and taking good care of Terra.

    Happy Weekend, filled with love, hugs, & sunshine.

    We love you all.


  5. Well at least it was a bright and pretty orange instead of something dull. Thank goodness a good report from the dentist. Have a happy weekend. Hugs, Kim

  6. Hi Kim,

    They are always good visits, so why do I worry? I have no idea.


  7. Oh this is tooo cute, Joyce!! And so is the kitten on the keys...I love that picture because I have a tuxedo cat...I just never got to see her as a kitten.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your husband!!!!

  8. Hi Cindy,

    Thank you and Happy Hearts Day to you both too.

    Your kitty has a wonderful and safe home now - and that is what counts. (o:


  9. Good grief, we've been holding out to read this all weekend! LT's been at the day job ALL the time, she's muttered something about 83 1/2 hours worked, and with travel and going out for dinner with her mum, gran and friend last night that means she's been gone over 90 hours from us this week. What's worse, she's got another 6 days till she's off to play with us again. We are definitely not amused...

    Anyway, LT has a small mouth too but she has 25 teeth, although she might be about to lose that last wisdom one (she has no wisdom anyway), but you'd never know how small it was for the amount she uses it...

    Lots of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan

  10. Hi Clan,

    OH NO - you're "Home Alone", well then it's time for mischief - you can think of some good trouble to get into, it will serve LT right for leaving you alone for 90 hours. Come on over and join our "hug".

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence, Sissy & LuLu

  11. Oh Prudence...gee..I don't know if I would want to mess with someone who has been to the dentist. They DO get a little tense you know. Are you sure you aren't under estimating M?
    Just sayin'....

  12. comment again. Once again...Happy Valentine's Day...just sending my love and offering to share my chocolates with you if Mom did buy all of you a box. Hope this goes through...
    (I hope, I hope!)

  13. You tell her, Miss Mona - don't mess with the Mom. Hahahaha, she won't listen.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, Howard and sweet little Mele.



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