Friday, April 15, 2011

 It's Funny Friday

We have a new Bear Blog friend to tell you about, and we wanted to welcome Abby to our wonderful world of Blogging.  Abby isn't quite finished designing her Blog yet but we just couldn't wait to tell you.  Please drop in for a visit with Abby & Miss Mona.  Oh, and you can sign in to follow her Blog.
Income Tax Day
Sissy:  "Prudence, what's income tax day?"
Prudence:  "Darned if I know."
LuLu:  Will there be "grape juice"?

Well, it's Friday and she is telling us that this is the day that Income Tax Reports have to be filed.  First, what the heck is income tax?  Second, why would you file it, I mean really, we file our claws, but a report?  Humans!!!! What's a report?

Our little Hummingbirds are back.  We saw our first one at the feeder on March 26.

Not much going on here.  It scares her when we are quiet.  But to tell the truth there isn't anything for us to investigate.  We helped decorate for Easter, so I guess we'll show you some pictures.  I know there is Easter candy in the house but I'll be darned if I can find sure ain't with the "grape juice".  (o:  Oh, it hurts my head just thinkin' about that grape juice.

On the mantel

Ceramic eggs that Grammy hand painted
Our little eating area
Our Easter/Spring Tree
Dining room
"Snoop Dog"
Our Mr. Easter Bunny

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence, Sissy & LuLu

Herb Garden with "Guard Bunny"
"SPECIAL DELIVERY" Check back on Monday...


  1. Ohh,you all did a great job with the Easter decorations,but you have to keep off that "grape juice
    or you gonna be feeling sick again(LOL)

  2. O...and big hugs and a wonderfull weekend ofcourse!!!


  3. Hi Miss Leny,

    Thank you and you have a wonderful weekend too. Oh, don't worry - that "grape juice" is evil, EVIL I tell you - no more for us.

    Heaps of Hugs & Happy Weekend

  4. Hi Abby (*The Clan waves*)

    We love the decorations, but boy, whatever those tax things are LT got something today telling her she'd have all sorts of penalties if she didn't fill her forms in by January 31st 2012. Wonder if she'll make it on time...?

    Have a fab weekend

    Lots of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan

  5. Hi Clan,

    What are they talking about? We filed today - our claws - giggle. No, really - we did.

    I think LT will be on time. She wouldn't get in trouble and be taken away from you. Honest.

    Heaps of Hugs

  6. Your easter decorations are beautiful! Tell the bears they better not forget to file tax return...Have a super weekend. hugs, Kim

  7. Hi Miss Kim,

    No, we filed this morning - our claws. Giggle.

    Happy Weekend.

    All of Us

  8. Hello there Prudence,
    Wil here....I wanted to thank you for visiting our blog and for commenting on my very first post ever...perhaps I will start a regular Friday post from me..if I can tear the laptop away from Mama...Oh and you said you were going to follow us...even better..I hope that means you found something you liked there...
    Taxes, huh...well, Papa Bear is doing the return as I write this..he says we have until Monday midnight because of some holiday or other...hope he's right.

  9. Hi Wil,

    Yippee - we bears will own the Blog world someday. Can't wait to read your posts. Hey, you could call it "Funny Friday" like I do.

    Heaps of Hugs

  10. Hello my friends,

    First, welcome Abby in the world of the blogs. I certainly going to visit her blog soon.
    Oh and i really liked the new decorations for the Easter's day.
    Very original.
    Happy weekend with sunshine.


  11. Hi Chicco,

    We ALL love you, sweet puppy dog. Woof.

    Heaps of Hugs

  12. dear friends,
    i wish a beautiful sunday,you guys are wonderful this beautiful home waiting for the easter.hugs

  13. Hi dear Elves,

    Thank you. You have a wonderful Sunday and we LOVE your posting and the story about the egg.

    Heaps of Hugs

  14. Oh Prudence! I am so flattered and so is Mom. She just read your post and your introduction to my and, well, needless to say it was just so sweet of you.
    You are always so quick to welcome newcomers to the our world of bears and other sweet creatures and we all love you for it! Thank you, thank you and M and the gang SO much!

  15. We wish sooo much that my photo be up in the corner..and have NO clue how to get it there. Poor Mom just moans outloud everytime her picture appears on MY comments. :(

  16. Oh Miss Mona, I just love you to pieces.

    We will get Abby's Blog perfect, just wait and see. (o:


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