Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MEOW......Hello Kitty

We have our very first kitty friend.  We would like you to meet

Kika As Suas Ideias

Please drop in and see our new friend, Kika, at her address above.
  She is having a contest and we all get to vote for our favorite "tummy" picture.  I believe we get to vote for 1 doggy tummy & 1 kitty tummy that will be posted.
We will have Kika's link on our Friday post, just to remind you.
Kika, welcome and thank you for joining us.

Heaps of Hugs
All of Us


  1. hello my friends,
    ohhhh yes we already know Kika She's lovely!!!!
    Chicco our dog participated in this contest!!!will be very fun...è wonderful we're all friends."friendship has no borders"
    much love and blessings to you!!!!

  2. Good morning dear bear friends,

    How fun having a new kitty friend!! What a little cutie!!
    I really enjoyed reading about Jessie's Tomato Plant!! This year we also decided to plant a tomato plant in our terrace, and well, our cats totally ignore it...But yesterday we ate our first tomato oohhh it was delicious!!

    Have a wonderful day my dear friends :)

  3. Hi Miss Catherine,

    Yes, she is a cutie. Thank you for visiting. And Jessie is watching closely for tomato #3.


  4. Hi duendes,

    Friends are treasures. And we will be voting for our cutie, little Chicco.

    Heaps of Hugs

  5. Oh what a cute kitty and a tummy contest...he he...
    Have a great day! Hugs, Kim

  6. Hi Miss Kim,

    Isn't that the cutest thing - a tummy contest. We can't wait to vote.



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