Monday, May 2, 2011


Mr. Ron, we are so pleased to meet you, our very first gentleman follower.  How "cool" is that?

We dropped in on Mr. Ron (he calls himself  "The Old Gezzer" but Mom won't let us call him that, she says we would be disrespectful, we live by very strict rules here so we know him as Mr. Ron).

Please drop in and visit, he has a wonderful Blog with lots of great stories, his address is
The Old Gezzer Blog
and he has OVER 2200 followers.  WOW. (My goal is to reach 100, that will be so exciting.)

Mr Ron, WELCOME & Thank you.  We hope you will enjoy our stories and adventures.


Hi, Miss Donna.  Welcome & Thank You for joining our little teddy bear family.  We are so excited to have you as our newest friend.  If you have a Blog please send us your address so we can share it with everybody.

Big Welcome Hugs to you!
WOOF - (Welcome in dog talk)
Yippee....we have another doggy friend.  Henry, welcome.
Henry's World (little stories from the life of a family dog)
This is "doggone" exciting, to welcome HENRY to our little teddy bear & dog family.
Please drop in on Henry (click on the above address) and check out his great Blog.  Oh, and don't forget to take a doggy treat with you.
HENRY, welcome & thank you for joining us.  Woof....
Big Hugs

Heaps of Hugs
Uncle Manchester with Flora (& her baby bunny) & LuLu (with her Little Annie)


  1. Always lovely to have new friends :o)

  2. Just trying to help you reach 100 followers. Besides, I like your blog and love bears, and mice and most furry creatures.

  3. Uncle Manchester is a big bear, isn't he Prudence? Maybe he'll stop you from face painting poor Lulu. You had us worried you know.

    Alan (And you can tell Mom you don't have to call me Mr)

  4. Hi Mr. oh, I mean, Alan,

    Oh yah, Manchester is huge, he is from California.

    Boy, she isn't going to like me calling you Alan but anything to annoy her.

    What face painting? Giggle


  5. Miss Maddyrose,

    Thank you.



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