Friday, August 26, 2011

National Dog Day

It's Funny Friday
Looking at my calendar (my goodness, so many activities and people to visit, I am a busy little bear) it's

The Sleepy Heads

I am going to play with the pups now.  Have a wonderful weekend and go hug your puppy.

Heaps of Hugs,
From "The Playpen Set"
Hi, it's us - LuLu & Flora.  Prudence & Sissy are playing with Molly & Jessie and we "sneaked" to the puter.  Here's a picture so you don't forget us.
"Oops, Ma, show us how to do that picture thingy again, please?"
Guess what?  Mom is talking to Prudence about maybe letting us post under her Funny Friday.  And we are trying to think of a cutesy name, like From The Playpen Set.  Oh, gee - Mom is thinking maybe about a contest and another giveaway.  She has to talk to Prudence about it.  Stay tuned....and start thinking.  (o:

Smoochy, peanut butter n honey kisses,
LuLu & Flora   Flora & LuLu
No, it's LuLu & Flora
Is so...

A little visitor this week...


  1. SWEET!! Happy Dog Day!!!

    Very curious what Mom is thinking about..
    Be good Lulu,Flora,Prudence & Sissy

  2. I think the Play Pen set is a great name for all you kids. You must be getting good at the puta. You always seem to practice when Mum is
    not looking.I love that little bambi in you front yard.
    Hugs and peanut butter

  3. Oh how adorable!! Happy Dog Day! I have to tell my little maltese that it's time to celebrate--getting out the party hats right now!!


  4. I just found your blog by way of Shelley's vintage variety. I know I'm coming back here to visit often. Love bears, love cats, and dogs, really all animals real ones or ones made by humans which become very real in the owners mind.

  5. Hello there Prudence and also you two in the playpen set.
    I wanted to thank you for reading my post and comments make me beary happy. I love the little Fawn..we don't see Deer here at home but other 4 legs make it through the garden gate....we have a Hawk that visits occasionally and we usually know because the birds all disappear...
    Have a wonderful weekend all,

  6. Hi everyone, it's me Bellamine and Wendy is here too. We wanted to wish everyone at the bears blog a happy weekend and Happy Dog Day. Now we're going to go play with our doggy, Vinnie. Hugs

  7. I just found your blog while on Doreen's blog,Vermont Harvest Folk Art.
    What a wonderful blog and such perfect pictures of the animals. I have to call my granddogs and wish them Happy Dog Day!
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., WesternMA

  8. Dear friends,
    My apologies for my ausence we are very busy, but today we must comemorate the day of our loved friends, our dogs Jessie and Molly are fantastics. Congratulations for all the dogs. The new visitor is lovely.
    Hugs and blessings.

  9. Smoochy peanut butter kisses to the pups and bears. Hugs, Kim

  10. Hay,

    Your blog with those lovely dogs and other animals is amazing!
    I love this blog, because I love animals so much.

    Have a nice week-end,

  11. Molly and Jessie are so sweet ;o) very nice pictures.
    Have a nice weekend.


  12. How can I esqueser of my lovely friends ... ever ... if you do the contest I want entara Deich ... if I'm already registered ...
    Your make me laugh and that's very good, "I love you" a fag?
    Good week and 1000 ronrons Girlfriend

  13. Belated happy dog day to Molly and Jessie.

    Oooh, brave girls Lulu and Flora sneaking onto the 'puter whilst Prudence is away playing. We're not sure what your new section should be called, but we think you ought to take it in turns swapping your names around when signing off (there was much debate here regarding alphabet versus age first)

    Lucky you getting such a pretty visitor too, the most we get are foxes wandering by!

    Lots of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan and Jack

  14. Oh, happy dog day!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have to say this to my humans, maybe they give to me some presents!!! Hello Jessie and Molly how are you? I really love the new visitor!
    have a nice new week.
    Woof, woof,


  15. Lulu and Flora you are just the cutest! Love those sweet doggies too! The little fawn is so precious! I love coming here.

  16. Well whatever it's called we're all looking forward to seeing Lulu and Flora's input to the blog. Mind you i do see storms ahead specially if Prudence gets into one of her stubborn phases!
    I love the fawn - just wait till it starts eating your garden;-)

  17. Nice dogs! I like the picture with the two cats!! It's funny!!



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