Friday, September 30, 2011


It's Funny Friday
The Polls Are Open......

It' vote for your own/favorite name for LuLu & Flora's corner on my Blog. Next Friday I will announce the winner.  Deadline to vote is Thursday, October 6th.   The prize is

Well, yes that is the prize - some of it.

Here are the names that you sent in....WAIT - oh, I should have known,  yup, M gave everyone 1 vote from her.  Now let's get down to the voting. IMPORTANT - if you submitted 2 names you have 2 votes and voting for yourself is GOOD.  Everyone gets to vote, even if you didn't send in an idea.  Only we know who is voting for whom, or is it who, boo, whom, hum,  - oh, forget it, you know what I mean.

LuLu & Flora Contest

  1. Pinkie & Fonzie,
  2. Pearl & Harry
  3. Bitty Baby Bears Corner
  4. Flower Power Corner
  5. Baby Babblings from LuLu & Flora
  6. Babies Babble from LuLu & Flora
  7. Cubbies Corner
  8. Teddy’s At Play
  9. Babies Chitter & Chatter
  10. Buttons & Bows
  11. Bono & Pino
  12. The Baby Boom
  13. Beary Tales
  14. Soft Sweetness
  15. Furry Friends For Life
  16. Tender Creatures
  17. The Happy Giggle Baby Corner
  18. Intrepid Cub Reporters
  19. Kids Corner

Oh wait, LuLu & Flora have something to say.  

Hi Everybeary. We can't wait to have our very own Blog name.
Thank you for joining in the fun and everybeary gets to vote.  Yippee. 
The Welcome Corner
WELCOME LORI.  Thank you for joining our little teddy bear family.  Lori has many talents, she designs teddy bears, dolls and is a miniaturist.  Please drop in and say "hi".  Oh, and should we add "wedding planner"?  (o:

redshoes and glitter
It's mine, no, it's mine....

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