Friday, October 28, 2011

Fright Night

It's Funny Friday


Hi Everybody.  BOO!  We are having Friday Night Carpet Picnic Fright Night.  It's okay, Mom isn't makin' it scary cause she knows I'm "ascared" of things that go bump in the night..  But that's okay.

 We are havin' eye balls (lean ground white meat turkey with little white cheese balls in the middle), tater tots, and green monster fingers (stuffed spinach leaves rolled up) and lots of "blood",  Mom is makin' homemade vegetarian chili and that will be for floating the eyeballs, and dippin' the monster fingers into.
My little Halloween tree
Mom came home with this 3 pack of Charlie Brown (T) holiday DVD's, she said it is for me "...just b-claws".

Dad bought Practical Magic & Hocus Pocus on DVD's, so that is what we will be watching tonight.  I never saw the movies so I will be wrapped up in my security blankie, tight up against Mom, just in case.  It's goin' to be a fun & cuddly evening.

Heaps of Hugs

Baby Babblings
by LuLu & Flora
"Prudence, you big sissy.   What's wrong with you?  You big baby."
(Oh, this isn't going to be pretty, stay tuned.)
"Yes Prudence?"
  "I need your help with somethin'."
"Okay, dear - let's really scare those two!"
"I'll go get Rizzo the Rat" 
(The true story about Rizzo was on 10/15/2010 post.)


  1. Don't be a scaredy bear Prudence, just have lots of Halloween fun!

    Nicki and Little Ted, xx

  2. Wish I could be there with you!!Looks all so nice and a bit scarry too,have fun!!


  3. A spooky night with Prudence and the kids...OHHHH NOOOO! wish we were there...right Mom? Right? Mom? Wait..I think Mom ran out the front door..(and it's night time..)

  4. Happy haunting, Prudence!! Maybe Wendi will be a nice little witchypoo and protect you from the things that go bump in the night. Don't eat too many sweets and get a tummy ache.



  5. Oh that's sounds like a very fun halloween you have planned. We love Practical Magic here, and now you've inspired us to hunt out Hocus Pocus (which is on video somewhere)


    The Thistle Patch Clan & Jack

  6. Hi my Dearest Prudence, I agree it is all a bit scary. Granny lets me watch a bit of what you are doing on the pooter. In Australia, they don't do as much for Halloween as they do in your country. No trick or treating around here. No eye balls to eat, or spider webs. I wouldn't sleep for a week. Cuddle close to mum and hide your eyes in the blanky if it gets too scary.

  7. Hi Bear Blog,

    We're having our Fright Night tomorrow night. We have Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic and I think that's what we're going to see but don't know for sure cause mom's being all "Wait and see." I hope she isn't going to make us eat eyeballs. Yuck!! We're going to make popcorn balls tomorrow and they're so much goodier that eyeballs. I think Halloween is going to be fun. This is my first you know. Wendy has had lots of them and she says that I'm going to really love it. I'll let you know.
    Hugs to all of you,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  8. The Halloween tree is very nice, I hope you have a lot of fun ;o)


  9. good morning, Prudence
    Do you remember the Funny Friday post I couldn't get to post last week? Well they published it today, go figure. I have moved it beck to last week so please come by and read "today's" post.
    Your Fright Night sounds like super fun.

  10. It sounds like a very scary night. We love the Halloween tree. Mama said we can't have one because we would climb it. Wait till Christmas,:)

    Poor Prudence. Be kind Flora and Lulu. You never know, something might frighten you two before Halloween is over.

    Have a fun and very scary night.
    We send purrs and woofs and of course hugs from our mama.

  11. Sounds like a boo-tiful family time together...have fun you sweet bear friend.....beary many blessings.

  12. Hello friends,
    what a beautiful tree with many characters...I think it will be a great halloween.Have fun and enjoy very much.Big hugs.

  13. OH MY! The little tree is adorable! But if you get over to my house! Not much here...just some Fall deco! heehee! ♥ Have a fun weekend! ♥

  14. Ohhh...that Rat is more scary than any of our little witchy poo's at our house.
    No scary movies at our house tonight. My mom spooky sooo easily. She says our house is frightening enough with ghosties walking down our hall..cold spots..and balls of energy floating around..not to mention screaming. No...we are going to keep it very light... :)
    I keep Mom company but most of the time I seem to end up on the floor. NOT good.
    Happy Halloween! That Rizzo Rat really does frighten me! But..we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Halloweeny tree! We do! I want one! Mom says maybe next year.
    Happy hugs...and cozy evening to you..

  15. I love the halloween tree!!!!!
    Woof, woof,



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