Friday, March 23, 2012

Beary Big News...

It's Funny Friday

Boy, do I have exciting news about summer camp.  Do you know who's going to be there?
Bellamine & Wendy
Sweet Pea, Blossom & Sissy Bear
(You can just click on their names to drop in for a visit and see what they are up to, it could be beary interesting.  Giggle.)

Mom just got a letter from camp with all the bearmation that we need.  And they added somethin' new this year, Sunday's are special cause we will have an afternoon picnic and everybeary can use the "puters" to write home.  My friends can use mine so they won't have to wait in line for their turn.  Oh boy, this is gonna be soooo much fun.

Mom, is it too soon to start packin?
Well, Prudence, I guess you can pack your camp pillow and blankie and the other camp stuff now.

Oh, Wilbur is asking his Granny if he can start counting off the days, do you have an extra calendar that I can have, please?
Sure, sweetie.


Our Hummingbirds have arrived, we saw our first little one on St. Patrick's day, and now it's non-stop feeding.

My Easter Tour
It was a super week, prezzies arrived.  Here is Beatrice & Beulah from Miss Carol at
Buttermilk Creek Farm 
Edith Ann & Ducky, left, and the two of them are BBF's

 and when we opened the box there was a primitive bunny that smells like spices and just fills the room with an inviting fragrance.  And these wonderful prim eggs, and CHOCOLATE. (o:
 Then a white box arrived addressed to "Prudence Clearwater" all the way from the North Pole.
It's my bee-u-tee-ful bunny that I won at Miss Maddyrose's giveaway
Santa and the Mrs.
and there was more...3 wonderful bowls fillers, and the bunnies match Miss Kanin's dress.  And then what to my amazing eyes should I see...a wee little bear with her Easter basket - just  for ME.
It was an exciting week for me (Mom too) and I thank Miss Carol and Miss Maddyrose for being so sweet and thoughtful.  You both are the bestest.
And another win from
Kris at
Maple Street Shoppe
Blackberry & amp;Sage Room Spray with a pretty package of Potpourri.
Thank you, Kris.

Okay, now for the .50 cent tour (giggle)
Oops, Mom says my post is getting a bit "lengthy" so I'll save my Easter tour till next week.

Welcome, new Linky friends.  It's a pleasure to meet you.
DIY Show Off
Mompreneur Mogul
It's So Very Cheri
Brent Riggs 


  1. OMG it seems that your summer are getting really good this year. I love to picnic. If it were not too far, I would love to pop over from time to time.
    And I love to whatch your Easter Tour ♥ Happy weekend, Thea xoxo

  2. You are lucky Prudence, my Granny says No packing yet.....!!!###.
    Oh I don't know life is hard. Although I am allowed to mark the sleeps off on the Calendar.
    Sunday afternoon picnic sounds like fun, May be we can think up some jokes to write to our families!!!
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. Wow!!! A lot of news!!
    Time goes by so fast...we talk about summer camp again...

    I love that give away!!!

    Happy Friday Hugs!!

  4. Prudence you and your mom sure had a week full of prezzies!

    Your mom is so nice to let you start your packing! we have to wait until we write a list. Mama said she will let us mark off days on the calendar
    too. It's so hard to wait.

    We can hardly wait to see you Prudence, and of course all our friends.

    I hope Blossom isn't afraid of the dark. She sleeps with a night light here.

    Sissy Bear
    Sweet Pea & Blossom

  5. Spring is popping out all over now, isn't it. I keep hearing about this camp. It sounds like it's going to be great fun.

    Happy Friday!

    Ali x

  6. Wow....lots of prezzies this week, Prudence! I want to go to camp with you this year! I miss you. Mom says I can get a tattoo that says I love you, Prudence.

    beary big hugs,

  7. Hello Prudence, thanks for stopping by on Funny Friday...enjoy the carrots and look out for those has quit raining here and the sun is shinning...but more rain is forecast....

  8. oh, and Prudence, I'll miss you when you are off to camp...I didn't get my application in on time, did I.

  9. Um bom fim de semana e recarregar bem as pilhas para proxima semana, fazer muitas coisas para Pascoa
    Ronrons da sempre amiguinha

  10. Olá amiguinhos queridos...
    Que legal que aí é a PRIMAVERA, eu amo a primavera.
    Estão colorida, florida e muito cheirosa.
    FELIZ PRIMAVERA para voces todos.
    Ótimo final de semana.
    Fiquem com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 de mamis Lilly ...


  11. Have fun you guys!
    What a great week for awesome surprises!
    Take care

  12. Hello dear friends!!!
    What great news!!!
    I really love the Easter's creations.
    Have a nice day and happy spring.
    Woof, woof,


  13. Hi Prudence,
    We didn't get to post this week cause we went away on a surprise vacation. We thought we were going to where it was nice and sunny but it snowed two days in a row and rained the other days so we had to stay inside just like we do at home. Then, yesterday it was a beautiful warm and sunshiny day and we had to come home. RATS!
    Mom gave us a countdown calendar to check the days until we get to go to camp. It's a long time, a really long time! Maybe Mom will let us come and visit you so we won't have to wait so long to see you. We're going to bug her, er.. we mean we're going to ask her if we can come for a visit. We're glad you like your wee bear. She's a sweet little girl and we know she's going to love living at your house.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  14. my dear friends,
    I'm late but this week I did not have time to visit my friends pc WHAT gave me great nostalgia...Camp will be a lot of guys are adorable!!
    big hugs.

  15. MY mom says if I ask just ONCE more if it's time to pack yet, I'm gonna stay home! I know she doesn't mean it but..I'm wondering if she is so cranky because she is getting...shhhhh..old??? She even yelled at me to stop trying to ride Mele around the house or she would stand me in a corner!
    :( I guess she has things on her mind beside me going to camp.. *sniff *sniff

  16. Well I hope you all have fun at camp! We just got Jack back from Ireland, I think we'll be drying him out for a while...

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  18. Ooh - the summer camp sounds so beary marvellously fun!!! Wish we could come along too. (That's Monty and Rosie saying that. Of course, I'd like to come too, but someone has to stay home and earn kibble!) As for hummingbirds - oh, how I would love to have them in my garden! I couldn't believe it when I realised you guys had them in your gardens. I do love those little birds.

  19. Woohoo!!! Summer camp will be a blast. I do it but instead of bears I do it with grandkiddos!!!

    God bless and have yourself a delightful day!!! :o)


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