Friday, March 9, 2012

They're gone....we're Home Alone

It's Funny Friday

by LuLu & Flora

Mom & Prudence are at the grocery store, and we're bored....
Flora, let's go up in the craft room and see what Mom is working on...
What's that?

It's the ironing board, but what is this pretty material?
Look, it's our favorite bear, "Winnie the Pooh"(c).

Hm, it looks like Mom is sewing on it to make it look like a quilt.
For us? Maybe?

What's this piece of paper?  Oh, I should have known, it says "quilt for Prudence".
LuLu, I'm gettin' hungry, can we have our lunch up here?  Mom will never know.
Yeah, let's do it....
I'll be right back, Flora.
(LuLu shouting from downstairs)

Flora, do you want a jelly sammy?
Yup, with peanut butter too.
Okay, I'll be right up.  Oh, Jessie & Molly are here so I will give them a smidge of peanut butter.
I'm on my way....

Oh Flora, this other note says "fabric for LuLu & Flora's quilt".
What have we done?  
I hear Mom & Prudence in the kitchen!  Quick, hide!!!! 

Girls, we're home...where are my two little sweethearts? 

 We're toast, Flora.
Yeah, and hold the jelly..... 

 Crafty Stitches
 Thank you  for joining our growing little family.  WELCOME.
 I got brave and tried to do machine applique for the first time - and this is what I did.  It was fun except sewing with mono filament is very hard on the eyes.  I am going to make a table runner.  The shapes are a die from AccuQuilt(c).


  1. Oh you silly little baby bears. We keep telling mama she needs to have some babies here! It would be lots of fun! We hope you two didn't get in too much trouble. Your mom is so sweet to make all of you quilts!

    Our mama said she thinks your mom's machine applique is so pretty!! she said it was a great job!!

    Hugs from
    Sissy Bear
    Blossom &
    Sweet Pea

  2. Prudence will be please with that quilt (providing there is no sticky jam and peanut butter on it!)...I have made the same one myself, it's very easy.

    Come over and see me some time!

  3. Uh-oh! I was just about to tell you two not to get any crumbs on your mom's creation, and look what happened! Better run to the laundry room and get some oxi-clean before she notices! Or better yet, you could always blame Alf! Yeah, blame him:)!

  4. Naughty little Flora and Lulu!!!!

    It's always something...isn't!!

    Boy I love those quilts!!!
    Happy Friday!!!

  5. Oh we're big Pooh fans, coming from the woods and thistle patch ourselves here... We're not sure how well he goes with jam though, better hope mum has some Vanish!


    The Clan and Jack

  6. OMG what a funny story. I hope mum didn't catch ya guys....!!! Hugs, Thea
    PS: I'm a Pooh-junkie too....

  7. We just knew you two would ruin that quilt...we bet you did it on purpose cuz you thought it was for Prudence!!! We would NEVER do anything like that...I wonder why Mama Pea just snorted like that?? Anyway, hopefully your mom can save the quilt and not be too mad at you.

    That Halloween table runner is so delightful, what a great job your mom is doing on it, one would never think it was her first time doing machine applique!

    We're gonna do like you suggested, gonna save our gold coins to spend at Camp Good Bear:-)

    Lots of hugs and kisses, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

  8. Well it is Funny Friday - I guess it's really all perspective though isn't it? Funny for some only in hindsight. My advice? Keep your hinds out of sight for a while. Maybe Pooh will clean up the jam for you.


  9. Adorable post...that sweet quilt is certainly have some spoiled little are a beary good mommy ...blessings to all.

  10. Your stories are so funny. I love the photos you post of the bears to go with them.

    And that table runner is wonderful. I'm a huge Halloween nut, so that's right up my alley.

    Happy Friday!

    Ali x

  11. Hi LuLu & Flora,

    Oh no!! Say it isn't so! Not on the Pooh quilt! Jelly is hard to wash out. Especially the berry kind. The grape kind too. You two little stinkers are in trouble now. You'd better stay hidden in that drawer until your mom is really really worried. Maybe then she won't be too mad at you.
    We asked our mom why she doesn't do machine applique and she said if she had a machine like your mom's she would.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  12. Uh oh! A peanut butter and jelly trail....

    Love the pooh fabrics and love the halloween table runner!


  13. Hello my friends,
    Prudence indeed will be furious ...not going to help hide...mommy's work is beautiful...have a beautiful Friday!!hugs.

  14. Oh my goodness! I hope they are not in too much trouble. I love the quilt fabrics and the table runner is adorable.

    Love to you Prudence and your sweet sister. Hugs to mommy.

  15. Dear Prudence:
    Did you have a good time out with Mom? Has Mom seen the quilt yet? Oh my, I think those two are in a heap of trouble. Mom will have to put up the baby gates when she goes out.
    Do you have anything special planned for the weekend? I'm with the grand dogs right now, Opie is watching me type. It's really dark out here in the woods. No lights outside, I'm a scared. Mr. Glen Oaks went to Walmart for some snacks so that we have them when we watch TCM movies tonight, I hope he gets back real soon.
    Miss Susan


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