Friday, August 3, 2012

It's me, Prudence

It's Funny Friday
Camp Good Bear
It's Bearents Day tomorrow - yippee, we all get to see our families.  We have lots of activities planned.
A canoe race (boys vs girls)
Ping Pong match
Egg Toss
Arts & Crafts on display

I can't wait, it will be so good to see LuLu & Flora.  Mom says they have been packed and ready to go for days......they wanted to sleep in the SUV last night, but Mom said no.

Camp is so much fun.  I finally got to meet all my bear friends (BBFF's -best bear friends furever).  Wilbur, Wil, Harold, Sweet Pea, and Daniel like to climb trees and touch frogs (yuck), but they have been catchin' fish for supper and the Bearcelsors cook them (the fish) on the campfire - yummy.  We swim in the lake everyday and there is a tire on a rope it's a "rope tire swing" and it's so much fun.  If you get brave you can swing over the lake and let go - SPLASH!  I am a little timid so I don't swing, but Bellamine, Wendy, & Clarissa like to swing but not get wet.  Sissy & Blossom are like me - no swinging over the water.  But those boys, they jump right in, and they even do fancy dives (I think they are showing off cause we stand there and giggle & cheer for them.)

Heaps of Hugs
I miss you all soooo much, but I'm not ready to come home.
Parabens Shake 
Thank you for joining us, and WELCOME
Thank you for joining our litte teddy bear family.

(Don't forget to check out the Camp Good Bear Photo Album that Mom is putting together.)



  1. Wow Prudence it sounds like you have a great time!!!

    Enjoy your day with Mom and the little ones!!!

  2. Your camp memories will last a life time. I'm so glad you are having a good time.

    Love you girls.

  3. Prudence it is so good to hear that you are having the BEST time. Looking at all the activities, it looks like bearents day will be so much fun.Give my love to Wilbur, I do miss him.
    Wilbur's Granny

  4. I'll be seeing you tomorrow when I visit camp on Bearents Day. It sounds like you all have been having a busy summer and are making friends and having some really good times together. See you tomorrow.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy's mom

  5. My goodness our little bears are having such a good time. I imagine they will be sad when camp ends. They will just have to count the days till next years Camp.

    What special memories they will hold close in their little hearts for years to come.


  6. sounds like you are having soooo much fun Prudence. Be careful.


  7. Camp sounds like a lot of fun, Prudence. I bet you are enjoying getting to know Bellamine.

  8. Good to hear from Prudence...Wil sent a post, too.
    Mama Bear

  9. Dear Prudence,
    it sounds like you all are having way too much fun at camp! I see that you guys are roasting marshmallows. Are you making s'mores? I love s'mores, but I can't eat the chocolate. Pups are allergic to it. Are bears? Sure wish that your camp allowed doggies! Have a beary, beary good time at parents day!!
    Love, Miss Emily

  10. An egg toss? Oh man, we hope they're cooked REALLY solidly, 'cos egg is reaaaalllly hard to get out of your fur.

    Happy bearents day


    The Clan and Jack

  11. Hi there - thanks for the visit - we have a range of bears that live with us. What would life be like without a good bear to talk to!

    Stewart M - Australia

  12. It sure looks like fun...sniff sniff! Do you think you will have any dollies there next year? Hugs from dollie land Florida, Wendy.

  13. Sound that you have lotsa fun! Enjoy everything as much as you can. It will be over before you know it.
    Big bear hugsssssssss, Thea x

  14. Wow, you are having a great time. You should just go for it and jump in the water. And, what's wrong with frogs? You're a sissy, but then you're a girl so I suppose it's only to be expected.

    I had a fantastic time at the bearlympics with Jack and the Staff. You can read all about it.


    Bearlympic Jock


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