Friday, December 14, 2012

From Toby

It's Furry Funny Furday Friday
(Hey, I'm just a baby bear and this is my beary first postie)
by Toby

Hi everybeary, it's me.....Toby.  Golly, I'm havin' so much fun with Prudence, LuLu & Flora too of course.  LuLu & Flora seem a smidge cranky but Mom says their noses are just out of joint.  Ouch - when I was showing off and hangin' from my travel box my shoulder went out of joint and it hurt.  So their noses must REALLY hurt.

Here are some pictures Mom took
I'm a "Toby Acorn"
Toby who?
My very own "Toby Tree", and I don't want any decorations on it, it's a woodland tree.
"I won't touch, Mom, I'm just lookin'."
Prudence made me my very own Christmas quilt.


"Psst, hey Flora...."
"Yeah, LuLu."
"It's time to show baby brother the pecking order."
"Huh?  We're gettin' a chicken?"


  1. Your posts are always just the sweetest and sometimes the funniest. I think if I could come back and have a second life, (guess I better finish this life first) I would like to be a bear and live with all of you.
    Prudence you did a great job on that Christmas blanket.
    We love all the pictures.

    Honeypot Lane

  2. Oh my! You American bears make so much more effort over decorating for Christmas than we lazy British bears. Your Mom must love having you there to make the house look so pretty. It looks lovely. I wish I could visit.
    Happy Christmas everybeary,
    Trumble Gardener-Bear

  3. Weehooo Toby, you have a lot of Christmas deco's for your own. That quilt is to die for. Prudence did a fantastic job!!
    I'm glad that your shoulder is ok too.
    Uh oh, I'm curious to see what Lulu and Flora are up gotta keep an eye on those two Toby!

    I wish you all a beary happy weekend, Thea xoxo

    ps: yep I will post x-mas piccy's on my blog next week :o)

  4. So nice to see are all so sweet naughty bears...

    Happy Weekend...Hugs,

  5. Toby I am so glad you got to do your very own post. Your Christmas tree looks so nice, and because you are tiny you can hide in al sorts of things. Now I want to warn you about LU LU and Flora, don't let them play tricks on you.
    Hugs Wilbur

  6. Good Morning, Toby. Great job on your post today!
    It must be so much fun with all of you bearie kids together, it's getting to be a full house there! Be good to Mom and Dad. Prudence, you are in charge!
    Miss Susan

  7. Oh Toby! You are just the sweetest little bear! I didn't realize that you were so, well, little! How great it is that you have your very own quilt? And tree, too! I have my very own puppy granny square afghan that my grandma made (whatever a "granny square" is! That's what my mom calls it). Isn't it fun to snuggle? And chickens? Ooooh, I would love to chase chickens!!

  8. Toby you are just perfect and please be sure to let Miss Prudence know how lovely the quilt is that she made you!
    Happy Christmas Toby and friends!

  9. You seem to be settling in very well there Toby, and we love your wee quilt. LT is making some supersized quilts for Christmas, so we have plans to wrap ourselves up in them to watch the Christmas 24 channel on TV...


    The Clan & Jack

  10. Well,aren't you the precious little Boo bear would have a time playing with you....Welcome to the family....Beary Christmas to all you sweet bears and mama too.

  11. Hi my dear little Toby,

    Aren't you having a grand time!?! What a terrific job you did of your very furst furry furday post. I like it! I hope you get to post again - it's always great to see your little fuzzy face. I'm glad you have a nice new home and that quilt is wonderful. Lucky you!


  12. Hello Toby,
    It's really lovely to see a boy at last in that house of Girlies. You can put their noses out of joint as much as you like.

  13. Hey there Toby bear! I know you are well loved but whatever you do....don't let them push you around! I'm a dollie but I love ALL bears and live in Florida, too. Right now I am surrounded by toys so that's always fun. I like that you have your own blankie...even here in Florida, we need one right now! teehee! Dollie hugs, your friend, Wendy

  14. Hiya Toby, we're so happy to meet you and you did a really great job with your first post:-) Lulu & Flora will just have to learn to share the "spotlight" with you and yes, having their nose "out of joint" must really hurt...a LOT!

    We love your little tree and Prudence did a mighty fine job making you that quilt. She's the most talented beary friend we have!!

    After we finish visiting all our friends, we're gonna go sit near our own Christmas tree and watch Christmas movies with Mama Pea:-)

    Lots of hugs & kisses, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxoxo

  15. Ohhh Toby voce é muito doce...e como é linda a sua colcha colorida ...espero que voce fique bem quente com ela nesse inverno.Beijos dos seus amigos ...

  16. "Toby who" was the cutest of the pictures..we had to giggle at that one. What a sweet little guy!

  17. Hi Toby,
    For a first time post you did great. Our first post didn't go nearly as well. You must not be as young as you look or perhaps Prudence helped you. We love all of the photos of you and the Christmas decorations but our favorite is where you're poking your head out of the Christmas tree and saying, "I won't touch Mom I'm just looking." That sounds like something we would say. We would have been here sooner but it's crazy busy here at the North Pole so please forgive us but now we must hurry off and see who else we're late visiting. Have a Merry Christmas.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  18. Hey little Toby,

    I love all your photos, and your Christmas tree is beautiful!
    Prudence, you made an amazing and warm quilt for him, congratulations!
    Lulù and Flora are always so funny!
    Have a warm sunday.
    Woof, woof,


  19. This time next week you'll be getting ready for Santa's visit!

    Ali x

  20. Hello, I just found your blog through Duendes. I absolutely love teddy bears and yours are precious. I have a teddy bear that was given to me before I was born, so now he is an antique. I plan on visiting often. Peace and happiness...Lu


  22. Congratulations on your first post, Toby!! Great job :) The pictures are all so cute!!


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