Friday, March 1, 2013


It's Funny Friday
 LuLu & Flora

Hi, everybear.  It's us, sure hope you remember us.  We are being unbearly punished cause of this stupid puter.  So what, we just wanted to delete Mom's stupid post.  Who cares?

Anyway, we decided that Prudence and Mom need to be really ascared that somethin' awful happened to's the plan...
We want you to ask Prudence where we are, that you really miss us and that we have been punished long enough.
When Mom & Prudence try to find us we won't be on that stupid shelf, and they won't be able to find us and they will panic and be very sad.
Okay?  Can we count on ya?
This is gonna be like so much fun.
LuLu & Flora

"LuLu, do you think this will really work?"
"Oh yeah, Flora, this will be epic."
"Okey-dokey, but most of our plans backfire."
"Not this one, little sis, not this one."
"And remember, Flora, what we're goin' to do to Toby 'n Tony."
"They're gonna be ascared and will cry, doesn't that make you feel bad, LuLu?"
"Nah, me either...let's do it!"
"Oh Toby, Oh Tony, come here we have a prezzie for you."

(the evil continues, or does it?)


  1. Oh boy....I don't know if it's a good plan.....just take care now!!

    Big Hugs,Leny

  2. I think every body is important as a family, so you two need to be part of it as well. Just don't play tricks or they might get the magic book out and who knows what would happen.

  3. Lulu & Flora, we don't think you're going to get many people or bears or even dolls to come over to the dark side. We think you need to re-think this whole plan of yours. It's no wonder you're always getting put on the shelf. And another thing, what have you two got against Toby and Tony? It's so mean of you to want to scare them. This plan of yours isn't the way to go if you want to gain the respect of the bears of the world and if Santa ever hears about this and believe us when we say there isn't much he doesn't hear about, well does coal in your Christmas stockings sound like what you're aiming for? We know you two are much better bears than you're acting at being. Afterall, look who you have for a mom and big sister.
    Enough said.
    Bellamine & Wendy & the NP hug

  4. Dear little ones, I'm not so sure if this is a good trick to play. Someday you might really need help and your family might think that it's just another trick. Mom's hair might turn gray and maybe even fall out. Our mama said that's what happens from so much worry. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you??

    Prudence and mom love you. That doesn't mean that you guys won't be in trouble when they find out the two of you are just up to tricks! Be good little bears now.

    Blossom and
    Sweet Pea

  5. Hi,
    boys you guys should not behave well...
    this plan is not the best solution about making peace with Mommy and Prudence...

  6. Geez, have they not freed you two yet? We'll send you a rope ladder to get off the shelf...


    The Clan & Jack

  7. I don't know about this plan. It seems kind of mean. I don't know why you're still on that shelf, but Mom and Prudence just want you to be good like everyone else. Bee good bears!
    Miss Susan

  8. Oooh, oh! Your poor mom, hope she has some extra strength Tylenol on hand! You guys are always looking for mischief, aren't you:)?

  9. Ha! Looks like you and Ma have your work cut out for you keeping the little ones in line. Never a dull moment in beardom.

    Carol Mouse

  10. Phewwwwwwwwww what a tricky plan...I'm not sure if this will work. It's better to get in the picture of Mum and Prudence when you will behave nice. "You catch a bee with honey not witn vinegar" as we say in Holland...maybe that's a better idea.

    Heaps of hugs, Thea x

    Hi girls, I hope your plan works, but don't underestimate the old girl, she can be mean and tricky - after all she banished you to the shelf.
    We're looking forward to the next 'ceeding 'citing instalment. Don't be mean to Toby and Tony, they're only wee and they don't understand about mean old Prudence.
    Jock and Louie

  12. Dear Lulu and Flora,
    You're both too cute to waste your time with tricks like you're planning. Make love, not war!
    Hugs from Kayzy's Critters

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