Friday, April 26, 2013

A bouquet of....

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi Everybear,  Happy Friday.

Now you may be wondering what the bear I can tell you about asparagus. Well, for one thing, it's good for you and it tastes good too.  But I have to tell you, we eat the stuff like some people drink water.  When I open the refrigerator this is what I always see...
a "bouquet" of asparagusWhen M&D lived in Hackettstown, NJ there was (is) a family owned produce farm where they bought all their veggies, Best's Fruit Farm,  Mrs. Best is an excellent cook and she told Mom to keep the asparagus in a glass of water in the fridge.  I think it helps keep it hydrated, and we can keep it like that for a whole week or more.  Mom just reaches in and grabs a handful, sometimes that is my job.


fresh asparagus
fresh garlic
extra virgin oil
Parmesan/Romano cheese
 Saute asparagus in olive oil, tossing gently until desired tenderness, add chopped garlic, keep tossing so garlic does not burn.  Remove from heat, sprinkle with Parmesan/Romano cheese.  Enjoy.
(Using fresh spinach instead is also very good.  Just make sure the spinach leaves are dry before putting them into the olive oil.)

Heaps of Hugs

"Okay, Mom, I'm gettin' the asparagus out of the 'fridge!"
"Yes, Prudence?"
"I think we're turnin' green!"



  1. Prudence, my Granny love asparagus. I'm not so keen on it myself. Unless it is covered in Honey, then I love it.
    Hugs Wilbur

  2. Oh, what a good tip!! Thanks, Prudence! I think I'm going to have a bouquet of asparagus in my fridge soon, too! (Besides--it looks so pretty!)


  3. Prudence, you look so cute in the fridge. Around here we can eat the whole bundle at a meal. So yummy. Hugs to all of you.

  4. We're asparagus lovers here too. Mom would rather have asparagus than honey but we don't hold that against her 'cause it means more honey for us. We'll tell her about keeping it in water although it never seems to stick around for more than a day. Happy Friday.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. Hi Prudence,

    We be'd looking at the blog but the Help has been feeling a bit low so we've not commented much.

    That sparagus stuff looks intermeresting. He says they eat a lot of it, so thanks for the recipe. I will munch a stick when I get the chance and it looks lovely with the Parmesan too.


  6. We eat lots of it here, although it can have some rather unfortunate stinky side effects!


    Jack & The Clan

  7. Oh Prudence! Don't spend too much time in the fridge, or you will end up as a polar bear! Sounds like a great way to prepare asparagus. I fix spinach the same way, and add a big pinch of Kosher salt, too. Yum! Garlic is so good for you, it helps to keep the bear-wolves away:)

  8. Mama said she doesn't like asparagus but we all like spinach. Fresh Parmesan is so good!!

    Honeypot Lane

  9. Oh yummy! Fresh asparagus...thanks for sharing your recipe. It sounds delicious!

    Carol Mouse

  10. Hi Prudence,

    Let us know when you want us to come over and help you eat it.

    ~ginger and Sebastian

  11. My mom always says that we always have something new to learn ... we enjoyed this sugerimento asparagus and pouring it into the water inside the fridge is fabulous.The recipe seems delicious and you are beautiful in the photo.A big kiss for the whole family of bears that we love.

  12. Hello, our dear Prudence. It's been awhile. Miss Susan hasn't been herself lately (again, still). I'm getting better, though. Your recipe and idea for the asparagus has Mr. Glen Oaks putting it on the shopping list for this afternoon. He's a big eater and he loves greens. I sometimes used to roast it in a toss of olive oil and garlic. I think I like your way better.
    I hope M&D are doing well, and all of your furry friends, and the Babies, too.
    Lots of Hugs,
    Miss Susan


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