Friday, April 5, 2013

April Showers, May Flowers

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

"Spring is in the air..." ♫  Oh, I love spring, I love looking at the trees with their new, just born leaves in bloom, that new green, I love the smell of newness, freshness, the distant fragrance of wild Honeysuckle....yes, spring is indeed in the air.  And what brings pure joy to my heart?  That glimpse, that fleeting glance of a wee Hummingbird at the feeder, hovering, sipping, and then flying into the woods to a favorite tree branch to perch and guard the feeder.

Hi Everybear, yes I have spring fever, it happens every year.  It isn't being lazy, it's more of just wanting to sit and watch nature burst into life.  I love the early morning sounds of the birds just waking up, maybe stretching their precious little wings, calling to a friend and beginning their day, as I begin mine.

Here are some pictures from our favorite local nursery that we visited on Tuesday.
Just my size
Mom bought furniture for Toby 'n Tony, isn't this just the cutest....

"Prudence, I think if we post more pictures we will be in danger of boring our friends."
Okay, Mom, but can I post more pictures from our trip to the nursery next week?"
"Of course, my sweet teddy bear, of course."

Heaps of hugs, a hundred sunbeams, and blessings on all of you.


  1. You described Spring beautifully.

    Just today a white dove and her baby came to sit on our fence. The pretty yellow finches are here every day.

    Yes that furniture for the little ones is just the cutest!!

    Enjoy Springtime my sweet friends.

    from all of us
    at Honeypot Lane

  2. Hi Prudence, I'm glad you've got spring fever, over here it's still cold though it is sunny. I hope Tony and Toby like their new furniture. Alan's niece Marion is married to a very nice person called Toby, but he has less fur and would probably crush those chairs.

    Ha, I caught you out it's you that's been causing all the mayhem in your house. I know 'cos I read your post on Sebastian's blog where you said:

    First - GET THE COOKIES. Then, for some real fun, sneak into the studio and rearrange things, hide some things - talk about fun!!! Then hide and watch the fun. (o:

    Is that the sort of behaviour I would expect from the Mummy bear in a hug? No it is not, and that makes me suspect that LuLu and Flora were being brought to book by someone who was doing as many bad things as them, and then pointing her paw so she wouldn't be found out. Shame on you.

    Hugs to all over there especially the persecuted two.


  3. Awww lovely!!!

    It is not Spring- like here...:( Still cold and freezing at night...

    Have a great weekend!!


  4. Do sit and watch the birds while you have your morning cuppa. It brings joy to the heart. (Well that is what Granny says.) We are having cool Autumn nights and beautiful sunny days, I don't need my fur unzipped any more.
    We looove seeing pictures of the nursery.May be next time.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  5. That picture so beautiful ... I also love the beauty of flowers and spring.Many blessings to you my sweet friend...
    hugs ,Duendes.

  6. Hi Prudence,

    We know exactly what you mean about having spring fever. We all have it too. We can't wait until we have summer fever. Hehehe. Our favorite time of year is when it's time for camp. We can't wait!

    We have a new green house and we're going to grow our own nursery. That should keep our mom busy this summer while we are all away having fun in the sun.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. Boring..naw...never! I love seeing your pictures :) Blessings

  8. Awww, you all are just too cute. Something tells me that you are the very first bears to have a photo shoot at the greenhouse:) We have spring fever here too:)

  9. Green? Spring? They're forecasting snow here again this weekend, we think we've been had!


    The Clan & Jack

  10. Oh goodness! What a beautiful place to take spring pictures. Spring fever is everywhere! Can't wait to see a burst of color around the yard.

    Carol Mouse

  11. Great pics!!!!!!!!!! I'm also over the moon when spring arrives, but we are at least 3 weeks later as usual!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the leaves grow and the rise of the temp. outside.

    Hugs, Thea x

  12. Very beautiful photos dear friends!!!
    Happy Spring!!

    Woof, woof,



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