Friday, May 24, 2013

Oscar who?

It's Funny Friday
By LuLu & Flora Flora & LuLu
BACON ! ! !

Okay you two, all privileges are taken away for 1 month and that means helping in the craft room and playing with Molly & Jessie.  I am thinking of sending you to private school for girls while Prudence is at summer camp.  Daisy Mae and I will have a nice relaxing few weeks.
"Yeah, like that's gonna happen.....not a chance" 
"You tell her, LuLu."

"Look what Prudence got, another prezzie, this one is from Peanut over at
Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines"
"Yeah, that's Miss Iris' kitty, and it's autographed too!"
"Flora, first it was the Sebastian pin and now an autographed picture of Peanut, I'm tellin' ya we gotta get rid of Prudence - FOR GOOD!"
"I'm hungry"
"Me too"
"Let's have a BLT"
"Oh, Daisy Mae, here piggy, piggy, piggy."

LuL Flora & LuLu


  1. Oh my, you two are beyond bad. Bacon indeed. LOL!

    Happy weekend!


  2. Bacon??? Really? That's just too mean and we think you two really do need some time on the naughty shelf. Just so you know, Santa isn't easily fooled and we wouldn't blame Miss Joyce if she were to send you off to boarding school. Why don't you try being good every now and then? You might even like it.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  3. You girls need to be good. What if Mum did decide to send you to boarding school. Did you know that they make you eat spinach in boarding school. Yuck...

  4. Oh goodness you two little ones are so naughty! I see a lot of time outs coming your way! Boarding School? I think your mom thinks that a nice way of saying you two are going to boot camp. It makes me shudder to think of it!!

    Well I see our cat Peanut has been on the computer again. He thinks he's famous you know.


  5. Go for it Lulu and Flora,

    BLT's are my favourite (though sometimes I just do B) and added crackling too. Oh and some apple sauce Yummy.



  6. Ha, we know you learned all this from Prudence really, *we* still remember what she used to get up to before she became a goody two-shoes and a suck-up! We think you need to be friends with Daisy Mae, Toby and Tony, then you can all gang up on her!


    The Clan & Jack

  7. Que meninos maldosos ...voces devem ser bem comportados...Beijos e abraços para a familia.

  8. this just grabs my heart and makes me are such a great missing you..I have been so terrible at visiting....had some time today thought I would check pleased I did

  9. Love that pig - too good for bacon, Joyce! I'm experimenting in pigginess too - it's fun to feel the mud squishing through one's toes. Get those naughty bears outside - maybe exercise will divert their thoughts away from pigicide!


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