Friday, September 27, 2013

Maggie Valley, North Carolina

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

It was Thursday, September 12th and Dad wanted to visit  the motorcycle & car museum, so we packed up and headed west to Wheels Through Time Transportation Museum  It was a nice drive in the mountains and Maggie Valley was nestled in a little hollow, a very sweet little town.
The museum was very interesting, although the owner did start up a motorcycle and rode it around in the building and the fumes gave Mom a smidge of a headache but it went away quickly, she never told us until we were on our way back to Asheville 'cause she knew we would take her outside in the fresh air, and make a big fuss over her.  She's like that......but hey, "ya gotta love her".  Giggle.
Here are some pictures......

An early ice boat
Early snowmobile

Heaps of Hugs
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  1. Hi Prudence,
    I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the museum. Did you get to ride in one of those old cars? Tell your Mom to look after herself and enjoy the fresh mountain air!


  2. What a fun day. I can see myself , with you on the back Prudence. Riding along on a motor bike with the wind blowing in our fur. We wouldn't go any where near your Mom. Hugs Wilbur

  3. I love old cars too. I bet it would be great fun to go for a spin in one of those. Have a great weekend!

    Ali x

  4. We like that blue car in the 2nd picture. Jason and Sweet Pea now want there drivers license! :o)

  5. Hmm, we think we'll stick to Jack's moped, those look a wee bit big!

  6. That's a beautiful place to visit. Aren't the roads scary though? It's an exciting drive over there! Have fun!

  7. Ohhhh what beautiful photos!!! There are a lot of cars and motorcycles!
    Have a nice weekend, dear friends.
    Woof, woof,


  8. ohhh Prudence will not you tell me that you know how to drive a motorcycle?remember to put the helmet! loved the photos...hugs my sweet friends

  9. Certainly looks like fun Prudence.


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