Friday, October 11, 2013

Can I tell them now?

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Oh gosh, when Mom created me I think some of her impatient-ness spilled into my seams.  I tend to be a smidge impatient when I have to wait for something that isn't in my control.  Controlling bear?  Yeah, you could say that.
Well, I guess I could "spill the beans" and tell you now.  So, do you want me to tell you?
"Prudence, what are you doing?"
"Um, writing my weekly post."
"What are you writing about?"
"Well, um, I sorta was telling them...."
"If it's about what I think it is, you will be in mighty big trouble, little girl." 
Talk to ya next week, I'm outta here.

(Little does Mom know, you already know what is going on....shh, our little secret.) 


  1. Big smile! Be good Prudence!

  2. Hi Prudence,
    Looks like you should keep that mouth zipped, otherwise you might never come out of that movers box - I know 'cos himself has boxes he didn't unpack 12 years ago and they're still in the garage!!! Oops, now I've let the cat out of the bag - or is that the bear out of the box?

  3. Prudence I know you were just playing hidey in that box, he he!!! I bet those two girls are having a great time with all those boxes and Mom is going nuts....
    Big Hugs Wilbur.

  4. Ohhhh Prudence estou curiosa ....espero que voce esteja bem meu amigo.beijos.

  5. Well as long as mom doesn't know that we have figured it out, you are safe we hope! :o)

    Peanut and Marshmallow want to know if they can come to your house and play in those boxes.

    Sissy Bear
    and of course the rest
    of the bears here

  6. Oh Prudence I think you might have let slip already! Be on your best behavior for Mom!

  7. Wendy is having a fit seeing you in that box! She says to be BEAR FUL!!! You should travel in a car seat with a seatbelt on! And did you say a craft sale? OH MY! What fun! Wendy sends dollie hugs...I do, too! xxxoooxxx

  8. Ok, Prudence, what have you been up to now? Let me guess? Are you making a bear den with all those boxes so that you can hibernate for the winter?

  9. May I just say I have fears about your 2nd comment there?! o.O Anywho, Miss P, you'd better behave or you may end up in the attic or the basement!



  10. Are you moving? Oh my, how exciting!

  11. ohoh...trouble...curious till next week..

    big hugs,have a lovely Sunday..


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