Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello, Santa?

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

"Hello, hello, Santa are you there?"
"Daisy, can you hear anything?"
"All I hear is the Elves talking and singing."
"Santa, we moved, we live in the mountains now, in North Carolina."
"Will you be able to find us?"

"Lulu, what are those little dummies doing?"
"Flora, this is too funny, they are trying to ring up Santa at the North Pole to tell him that we moved."
"Let's have some fun."
"Wait LuLu, I hear Mom coming up the stairs."
"Girls, what are you doing?"
"Um, nothing Mom, just waiting for Christmas"
"Okay, as long as you are not teasing the little ones and making them worry about Santa not being able to find us."
"Flora, how the heck does she always know what we are about to do to the kids?"
"It's like in that movie, she has "mind powers".
"Just our luck."

The little kids got it into their little heads that Santa doesn't know about our move.  I tried to explain that Santa knows what we do all year long and he would never forget that we moved to the mountains.
I told them that our house is so high up on the mountain that Santa could never miss us, but I don't think they believe me.  Sigh......little kids....

Have a Merry Weekend.

View of December sunset from our porch
Early morning moon set from our family room. 

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