Friday, December 6, 2013


It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Let's back up a bit, it was Thursday, November 14 and the packers came to take care of some special packing.  I was in charge and sitting on top of a stack of packed boxes in my craft room.  Things were going well, I was overseeing everything.
Fast forward - it was almost bedtime and Mom had this awful thought, "PRUDENCE!"  She ran upstairs and there in the craft room - stacks of boxes, just boxes.  Now what?  She called my name but I would not answer, I was sleepy, warm and snuggled in a box.
The next morning Mom thought she would get to open the last craft box packed and look for me but things got crazy, the movers were there and began bringing the boxes from upstairs.
All of a sudden I woke up, I was in the car?  No.  Plane?  No.  It was a very soft ride and I fell back asleep.  When I woke up I started scratching on my box, we weren't moving and I was hungry.
All of a sudden, bright light, "who are you?" and that wonderful smell of food.  
Mr. Steve, our driver, heard my scratches and opened the rig to investigate and there I was - so, he carefully picked me up, sat me in the cab, gave me a burger, fries, milk with honey, and my blankie.  
And that is how I arrived in WNC,  I was a "trucker babe" and it was great.  It was a LONG ride, 12 hours, and Mom, Dad, Molly Brown and Jessie were there to greet me when the truck arrived.
But it wasn't over, the moving van couldn't get to the Lane so Mr. Steve had to park it and use a smaller truck to unpack, pack and get up my driveway to unpack (makes sense, right - NOT).  A total of 3 trips on Sunday and 4 more on Monday.
I had so much fun but was so glad to see my family.

Prudence ♥

"How come we didn't go in the moving van, huh?"
"Yeah, we wanna be truckin' bears"
"Boy, Prudence always does all the fun stuff"

Now wait a minute, little ones, what about the snow storm?
"Oh yeah, on November 27th"

 "Okay, we guess that was pretty cool"

Toby, Tony, Daisy Mae
LuLu & Flora


  1. Hello Pru,
    Looks like you had a great adventure with Mr Steve. Maybe you should have stayed with him to keep him company. That way you'd be out of LuLu and Flora's fur, and you'd be having a great time too. What am I going to shout now the "Florida Two" aren't in Florida any more?
    Hi Prudence and the rest of the hug,
    Apologies for Mr Jock, he's a bit of an anarchist. Always stirring things.
    We're all glad you arrived safe and sound in your new home, even with the snow. We had a very wild and windy days here yesterday, but no snow though the tide was the highest it's been for 60 years! Unlike Florida in NC you can say "Tide? Smide, who cares?" Enjoy your new den, though if it keeps on snowing maybe you should consider hibernation.
    Alan and Ann

  2. Prudence you are a real trucking bear. Wow I bet you felt good way up in that big cabin. I'm so glad your mom was there to meet you.
    It sure looks pretty with all that snow. The kids said it looked pretty cool. I think it looks very pretty , but COLD not cool. I think you will need long johns. I hope you have a warm snuggley bed to sleep in.
    Big Hugs from Sunny Australia

  3. Wow Prudence! what a neat adventure. You were probably very happy to have the burger and fries.

    We're glad that mom was there to meet you.

    The snow is beautiful! Be sure to stay awake Prudence. We've heard that in the cold bears sleep right through the Winter. What would we do if we didn't hear from you every Friday.

    From Honeypot Lane

  4. Breaker one nine, breaker one nine....
    Sounds like you had quite the adventure as a trucker, Prudence! Let's hope you didn't get any tattoos on the way to your new home:) Wow, what a view you have, did I tell you already how envious I am?
    Tell mom she had better keep closer tabs on you, so you don't end up in the back of a moving van again!!

  5. What an adventure! Was Mommy watching all of the packing and unpacking into the smaller truck...or did she have to put all of you in charge? What a BIG move and a BIG trip, too! Wendy loves to travel but she thinks you were very brave to travel in a 'big rig'! Snuggle up together and stay warm! Dollie hugs from Wendy!

  6. Sure sounds like you had a neat little adventure Prudence. Glad you arrived safely and was reunited with your family. Pretty snow. It's snowing here tonight.


  7. Well look on the bright side Prudence, when LT's mum and dad were moving, their stuff went into storage for 6 months, including her mum's book that she was halfway through, and several other 'essentials' - you can't leave anything lying around with movers!

    Lulu, we sent you over there to get away from the snow!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  8. minha amiga Prudence voce esta muito aventureira....Te amamos.beijos.


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