Friday, February 7, 2014


It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
The old.....
First, I have a funny story.  Last Saturday was Mom's b-day.  Miss Kathrine, landscape designer at our nursery, told her to be ready to go out at 7:30.  Okay, we were all ready and there they were.....Mr. Dave (owner) had a bee-u-tee-ful Primrose plant for her, Miss Kathrine put a tiera on her head and a black boa around her neck.  The other two guys (too cute for words) drove the backhoe - yes you are reading correctly, up to the garage and up Mom climbed, Miss Kathrine was in the bucket and they had their picture taken,  the title "Queen's Revenge".  Talk about fun!!!

Back to today....yup, we are under construction, and yes, you can "move a mountain".  Here are some pictures...

 Mom's "convertible"
Getting the new...
(Retaining wall being built)

I'll show you the "all done" pictures in a few weeks.

Heaps of Hugs

Wanna go for a ride with Mom?  (Giggle)


  1. Well it's not often you get to wear a tiara in a digger! Belated happy bearthday!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  2. I hope you've had the best ever birthday week! Looks like fun....always fun to move mountains and create beauty! Enjoy your week my friend! Sweet hugs!

  3. Wow, that is quite a hill, Prudence! Did mom take you for a ride in her new convertible? And you are teasing us, we wanted to see her sporting her tiara and feather boa!!

  4. Hey, that's so cool. Getting to ride in the bucket. We are all jealous. I hope your birthday party for Mom was a good one.
    Jock and the hug

  5. Happy Birthday Joyce. I am so glad you are fitting in so well. The locals have got to know you. Yep.. a ride on the back hoe is just the right celebration.
    Hugs Kay and Wilbur

  6. What a beautiful view ya'll have.

    Enjoy your new wall

  7. A very happy birthday to you Joyce!! Omg you have a lot of work to do if I look at the pictures. First it's a mess but when it's done you'll be so happy. I love your property and surroundings.It's seems a nice neighbourhood.
    Prudence do you expect snow in your area? Or does it never fall where you live. Otherwise you might take a sleighride down the hill one day ;o)

    Heaps of hugs and have fun with your gardenwork, Thea x

  8. How fun! Yes, I would love to take a ride with your Mom! Happy belated birthday, Joyce!!


  9. Bears and Blogs and Balentine Hearts, oh my..........I'm watching the mailbox to see if I get one of those cards you and Wilbur got.......


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