Friday, February 21, 2014

Pushing toward spring?

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Good day everybear.  I think Mom needs a weather adjustment, you know, like a back alignment, only in her brain.  Oh wait, a brain alignment, that's it.  Guess that's better than saying she has a brain fart.  (Whew, thank bearness she didn't hear me say the "f" word.)

Getting back to my story - Mom was unpacking our Easter/Spring decorations and decided it was time to put some spring in our step (oh boy, I am flying today). 
Let's try again, the eggs she made from paper last year looked so pretty sitting on the dining room table that we (yes both of us) decided to decorate for spring.  
"Yes Mom"
Do you think I still think I'm in Florida?  You know, after Christmas we always began planning for spring because of the warm weather?"
"I do Mom, but it's okay, my poor mohair is so corn-fused (giggle) I don't know if I should hibernate or lay in the sun.  Oh, here comes another funny......
"Take a frosty-sun bath" 

Some pictures
This precious bunny dish belonged to Mom's Mom so it's very special to us.
See ya,
Prudence ♥ 

Our wee little Miss Clove is available for adoption she will be posted in our Bear's Gift Shoppe on Monday.


  1. We hope it will soon be spring Pru. It's been very snowy with you and VERY wet in Britain, though to-day the sun is shining (mostly) :-)
    Stay warm
    Jock, Zeke and all the hug.

  2. Just be careful Prudence...... some times walls whisper back. I would hate your mom to hear what you said. You might not get any peanut butter and honey. Spring will have to come one day, so you might as well decorate and be ready. Granny loves your special bunny plate.
    Big Hugs and I hope the sun shines soon. Wilbur...

  3. Miss clove sure is sweet. Her FL cousins say HELLO and bring on the Spring decor. Have a sweet day to you all!

  4. The weather has been rather confused lately, hasn't it?! I may just take a page out of your book, Prudence, and do some spring decorating of my own. :-) And, oh my goodness, Miss Clove is just as cute as cute can be! I love her!!


  5. Hi Prudence, We think the Spring decorations are lovely. If not your bodies, then I am sure they warm the heart and home.

  6. Well if you can manage to make it spring, then can you work on a 'no more rain spell' for us next please?


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  7. Dear Prudence,
    love the photo collage! Did you take those pictures yourself? I think your poor mom must be confused, planning for spring and here you have so much snow on the ground still. Maybe the altitude has gotten to her:)


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