Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby Bird

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi everybear, how are you on this wonderful Friday?

I have a News Flash - the Ester Bunny is real, honest.  He did magic here on Easter Morning, look ......

Vlad's formal name is Vlad Vincent Vulture so isn't it fitting that his little brother should be named Lil Vincent?  Well, that's what Vlad named him, so it's official, LV for short, he likes that name, it makes him giggle.
Lots of fun stuff has been going on up here in the mountains, the yard is all done now, the fence is installed and the girls are enjoying romping and chasing each other while Mom "tries" to garden.  If she is down on the ground digging Jessie is all over her, hey, at puppy school they teach you that if you are on the ground you are "play" material, so true, so funny.
My Easter Card from  Wilbur
Oops, dog head in picture
Take #2
Sigh.....I have Wilbur's Christmas card, Valentine's Day card and now my Easter card under my pillow.  I dream of him every night....sigh

Wishing you a fun, safe and sunny weekend.  See you next week, and thank you for always stopping by to visit with us.  We love you and we appreciate you.

Heaps of Hugs

Lil Vincent is the amazing work by Wendy over at
Ravenwood Whimzies 
Ravenwood Whimzies (Blog)
Vlad is also Wendy's creation.


  1. Hey Prudence,

    You see, Vlad was right to sit on that Easter egg. Well that's his story, but we'd look for the choklit crumbs in his feathers;-) LV looks just the ticket though and I'm sure that will make Vlad so much happier.

    As for Wilbur and the cards, we'll.. you're both just SO soppy.
    Jock and Zeke

  2. Well its nice to see Vlad has a pal, and I see the lovebug has bitten you big time Prudence.

  3. It's a wonderful time to live in the mountains! It's nice to have a new fence and a good place to plant things. Have a happy weekend to all of you! dollie hugs, Wendy and Mellie

  4. Huh, LV has a beak like LT, how fitting... ;o)


    The Clan, Boo & Jack

  5. I wondered if you all were expecting a new arrival!! Looks like someone might have a bit of a crush on you, Prudence!! Who could resist such a cute cuddly bear like you?!

  6. LV will be a great addition to the nest I'm sure!
    Have a fun weekend Prudence and Co!


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