Friday, May 9, 2014

"The Nose Knows"

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence (written by Vlad)

Hi there, my little chicks, it's me Vlad.  Prudence is still up at camp working but she didn't want to miss a Friday post and asked if I would help her out.....I said, "my fine feathered mohair friend and sister, I would be honored."
It's that time of year again, tomato planting season, we may be in another state, another house but some things never change,
Jessie's Mater Plant
the ceremony took place two weeks ago, Mom picked out a very nice cherry tomato plant for Jessie.  It's all planted and has the place of honor on the porch, and believe me or not (don't get on the wrong side of this vulture), so just nod and say "I believe you, Vlad" - I'm not hearing you........ Jessie knows which plant is hers, oh, she sniffs each plant but all we have to say is "Jessie, where's your mater plant?" and she goes right to that plant every time.  There are two tiny tomatoes on the plant and she buries her nose right down to where they are growing.  We think she can smell the fruit.

If we are in the kitchen cooking and Mom slices a tomato, zoom, there she is right next to her.  And of course she always gets a little taste.  Molly Brown won't even look at a tomato so when Jessie gets her mater Molly gets a doggy treat,  after all, we must be fair and square.
Hopefully in a few weeks there will be little red maters on her plant and she will bite off 1 (just 1, always just 1) as she comes back into the house.  We just think that is so cute, and you know, it's not only humans who have little traditions and are set in their ways - we all do.
Gotta run, the phone is ringing and I think it's Prudence.
See ya,
Vlad Vincent Vulture


  1. Vlad that is very good of you to do the reporting for Prudence. I am so glad Jessie has her matter planted. She loved them last year.
    Now tell me? What is Prudence doing at camp? Are special preparations happening.
    Hugs Wilbur

  2. That is so funny, Vlad! Do you like tomatoes? My mom and dad always laugh at me, 'cuz I love fruit! Yep, oranges, apples, melon, and even pineapple! I don't know if I like tomato or not. Does ketchup count?
    Katie Bug

  3. Does Prudence get to have ALL the fun? Is she on vacay? heehee! Let those maters grow in the sun and have a fun weekend! Dollie hugs, Wendy and Mellie PS It's SUNNY here in Florida...and HOT! lol I'm getting a tan early this year!

  4. Ohhhh Vlad como voce é bravoooooo.E a Jessie Mate Flora è linda eu amo tomates na salada.beijos.

  5. "mater plants"...that is so funny Vlad! Hope you get lots and lots to eat this year.


  6. Hi Vlad,

    Thanks so much for telling us this story. I love the tale of Jessie's tomato plant and I've told quite a few people about his habit. Too funny!

    hugs to all there,

  7. Thanks for posting for Prudence Vlad. You did good.


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