Friday, July 11, 2014

Leaving For Camp

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi Everybear, we are leaving for camp in a few minutes and I just want to say "see ya" in a few weeks.  Camp begins tomorrow but I get there a day early to help with last minute details and the little kids can't check in at Camp Little Bear until tomorrow morning so M&D will spend the night with them and bring them back tomorrow.
We found a camp for Vlad, LV and Miss Daisy, it's a day camp but at least they are excited that they get to go to camp too.
I talked Mom into doing some posts while I am away, and we decided that she would do a series on Main Streets USA.  We laughed 'cause we said M&D will be like tourists, taking a zillion pictures of surrounding Main Streets and writing a little bit of history or interesting facts about the town.

Mom's first post will be next Friday, she is a smidge nervous (she isn't a very creative writer) but I know you will encourage her to broaden her horizons (giggle) or not.
No, I want to hold the backpack
No stupid, Mom said I could hold it first
LuLu, you make my fur twitch
Now you two sit back there and not a word until I tell you that you can join in the fun.
(It's going to be a L O N G trip)

Have a wonderful summer and I will see you soon.

Heaps of Summer Hugs

AND...I will finally see Wilbur again.  We will write from camp but we always have so much fun and so many beartivities that letters will be scarce, but I will be thinking about you.


  1. At last it is going to happen. Prudence I can't wait to see you. I know I will be tired with all that travelling. But I'm sure we will talk into the night.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  2. Hi Prudence and all the bears!

    Have fun at camp! Watch out for poison ivy! But the it probably won't bother you since you're a bear. I think all the little ones will love you as their counselor!

    Happy Trails!
    ~ginger and Sebastian

  3. It's good to see the teenagers behaving with such decorum. Have funeverybear, and Prudence, please cut LuLu and Flora some slack, it's their holidays too.



    Hey LuLu and Flora,
    Did you bring the thumb tacks for you know who's bed? I hope the itching powder was well hidden in your backpack and that the stink bombs were carefully wrapped - you don't want them going off too soon.

    Tee Hee,

    Jock, Zeke, Tom and Ruby.
    PS - We hope we haven't let the cat out of the bag J,Z,T & R

  4. Well we're glad to see that everybear gets to go to camp this year, equality at last!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  5. Have a beary fun time at camp! As soon as you drove away...we posted bears on our blog! tee hee! HAVE FUN! Dollie hugs, Wendy and Mellie

  6. Dear Prudence,
    your mom and dad are gonna miss you guys so much, how will they get along without you??! Don't forget to pack your bear-kini, and your sunscreen, too! You don't want to get a sun burn, do you? Watch out, I hear a rumor that dogs are allowed at camp this year!!!


Thank you for writing, I love to receive mail and comments on my posts. Thank you for dropping by and have a most blessed day. Hugs, Prudence