Friday, September 19, 2014

Where? Who? Why?

It's Flora's Friday
by Flora
"Hey, stupid, why is your name up there?"
 Because I wanna write somethin', that's why, cone head."
 "Where's Mom & Prudence?"
"I dunno, maybe the aliens took 'em!"
LuLu, we couldn't be that lucky, besides even the aliens don't want them."
"Okay, so write."
"About what?"
"Good grief, write about Risso, I don't know, you started it."
"Risso? The rat?"
"yeeessssssss, brains"

"Ya, know, this isn't a good idea, we'll get murdered if Mom finds out about this."
"Oh, Mom, stupid face is writing on Prudence's Blog.........."


 "Bye, bye, Flora.  Ya know, that hat really looks stupid on you."

"Okay, gang, until we meet again........"

LuLu the Great


  1. Oh you little tin lids, I hope your mum does not find out you have been squabbling. Don't let Risso eat your cookie.
    HUgs Wilbur

  2. I sure hope things have settled down at your house and everyone is being NICE! Beary NICE! I might have a new friend on my blog tomorrow and he'll want to be your friend, too! Have a FUN weekend! Wear pink hats! Dollie hugs, Wendy and Mellie

  3. Well, you know, we're always on Lulu's side ;o)


    The Clan, Jack & Boo


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