Friday, January 9, 2015

Projects 2015

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

New year, new beginnings
Mom started this little guy a trillion years ago (yes she did - a TRILLION).  Thinking the head would be the most difficult she did that 1. 2, 3 - which shocked the mohair out of me.  So, or should I say "sew", she continued, body (good) arms (oh no), she wanted monkey hands but that wasn't going to happen, so - just arms, (good), legs - they would have to have the opening at the ankle 'cause she has to attached the monkey feet OH NO - monkey feet?  Really?) Legs (good) and now the feet. Oh boy, the temper tantrum began - I mean, throwing monkey parts on the work table, stomping out of the craft room, frustration I tell you - dangerous (for us) frustration.  So, she did the only Mom thing she could think of - pack him away.  She really did - for years.
A few months ago she posted about him and was going to finish him - yeah, like that happened.  Here we go again - she can't get the feet the way she wants them so she needle-felted them and as you can see, not bad, not bad at all - peace and quiet - no tantrums, and ONE monkey foot - but....we need another one just like the first one.
I leave you here, I need to get back to helping her with that foot.

Heaps of Hugs

"Yes, Flora"
"I need to laugh out loud" 
"Yeah, what a stupid lookin' monkey is that?" 
"We need our own scream room!" 
"Flora, stop, you're making my side hurt from laughing!" 
"Well all of me hurts 'cause of laughing" 

Almost forgot, we have just posted a bee-u-tee-ful piece of mohair in our Etsy Shop
BEARS...just b-claws by joyce


  1. Girls I wouldnt laugh too loud! Remember the tantrums!
    But to me the monkey is adorable I just hope he gets his other foot!

  2. Monkeys are HARD! I made one and hubby laughed. He has a face only a mother could love! haha! Have fun today....stay inside where it's warm! Hugs!!!

  3. Oh dear Prudenc, I am so glad you are helping Mum with the monkey feet. They sound tricky with all those toes.
    Tell those kids to zip their mouths.
    Hugs Wilbur

  4. The monkey is very nice ;o)


  5. Uh Prudence, I hate to tell you this, but your monkey friend's head is not connected to his body. And since you said your mom started making him a trillion years ago, that must make HER a million trillion years old!!!

  6. Yeah, we have some UFOs here too but who doesn't. Hello you all. Mama Bear and Wil are back.


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