Friday, May 22, 2015

Home? Alone?

It's Funny Friday
by LuLu & Flora
Here's Mom's Christmas projects, let's hide 'em where she'll never find them.
Hi Guys.
Nobody is here.  M&D are out, Prudence the Prune is in CA, and Vlad?  Well, he's somewhere but who knows where and who cares? And Molly Brown and Jessie won't tell 'cause we are feedin' 'em cookies.
According to the calendar it's Memorial Day weekend.  I think we are having a cook-out on Monday.
Hey Flora
Yeah, LuLu
What do ya think Mom is cookin'
Yeah, like maybe Vlad
Like we should be so lucky
Now that we have your undivided attention (we do, don't we) we can't think of anything to write about.
So.........let's just say that we wish you a safe and 
Happy Memorial Day
(man, LuLu, when Mom finds out that we posted won't she be surprised that we were so nice, yeah Flora, I'm all choked up about it.)

Over 'n Out
LuLu & Flora
Flora & LuLu

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