Friday, June 19, 2015

Planting Bench

It's Funny Friday
by Jackson & Prudence

Hi, Everybeary, Happy Friday.
I thought you would like to see a picture of Mom's planting bench.  Several years ago Mom saw a bench in an outdoor garden magazine and asked Dad if he thought she should buy it.  Being very practical Dad said that he would build her one, the one in the magazine was overpriced for the quality.
As always, he makes what she has asked for bigger and better.  So off he went, to the lumber yard and brought home not just plywood, but redwood planks,brass screws and lots of urethane varnish.  Over the years, in the scorching heat and humidity in FL it faded and didn't look very nice, comparing it to what it looked like new.
Well, it's not new but "baby look at you now".  With no more blistering heat, harsh sun, and humidity we don't think it will need stripping and varnishing again.
It has an opening for a dirt pan (actually Mom uses a plastic kitty litter pan and drills drainage holes).  The top shelf is removable but it's perfect for the flowering cactus in the warm weather, M calls it "cactus summer camp".
This is "Sunrise" it blooms in the spring and unlike the Christmas Cactus, its blooms close at night.

Hugs, and have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Father's Day

Jackson & Prudence

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