Friday, December 18, 2015

Cutie Snowman

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi Gang.
Well, here we are in the final countdown to Christmas.  Me 'n Mom are just hangin' out up here in our craft room but before we leave we wanted to share Mr. Snowyman with you.  As Mom says "he's just too darn cute not to share".

Hurry over to our Crafty Corner Page  and see how to make this little guy and show him off among your Christmas decorations.  AND....he can have the place of honor all winter since, after all, he is a SNOW man, or should I say a Snowperson, no - we prefer snowman!
Our craft room
Look at that mess...but I know where everything is, most of the time, sometimes, occasionally,
well.........ironing board is up because I am cutting applique pieces for a door knob hanger.  Vacuum is out because I will pick up that mess.  Where's Prudence?  Downstairs in the kitchen and I think she just opened a cookie tin.

Heaps of Hugs
A Very Merry & Blessed Christmas

& family


  1. I love cutie snowman! I think these next few days, I'm going to craft some. I wanted to make a snow doll....we'll see! Have FUN from all the Florida bears and dollies. Holidays HUGS!!!

  2. He is one sweet snowman for sure! Glad you are all enjoying time together! That's a special part of Christmas but just go easy on the cookies!
    Happy weekend wishes!

  3. Your is always such a happy blog to visit. :)

  4. What a darling snowman!! All your beautiful decor is so special. Love your trio of trees. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! xo

  5. Dear Prudence, Merry Christmas to you too. I am still the pride of my Mom and I am always in the front room so guests can see me. Right now I am seated on an old timey suitcase beneath the Christmas tree!
    I will always remember you and the gang and how my life came to be out here in California. My Mom sends her best Christmas wishes to your Mom!
    Abby Ingalls (and those silly dolls!)
    P.S. Our very favorite picture in todays post was the one with the vacuum. :)


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