Friday, February 5, 2016

My New Sister....

It's Funny Friday
by Missy

Good morning everyone, I'm Missy Carrots Mayer, I just arrived at my new forever home last Friday.  I am from Buttermilk Creek Farm, and Miss Carol created me.

Prudence wants me to write our post today 'cause she says we will share writing and that I need to find my own style.  What does that mean?

My travel from Michigan to North Carolina was bumpy but it only lasted 3 days oops, Prudence said I should spell numbers out, it only lasted three days so it wasn't that terrible.  Mom says she could hear me thumping the inside of my travel box and knew when I was getting closer and closer.  The mail lady left me at the side porch door and Mom was there in seconds to grab that box.  And then the fun began....oh wait....."Prudence, I can really show pictures here?"  Okay, I am suppose to say 
Let's show it with pictures.... (oh, this is so much fun)
Lets' show it with pictures

Here is what I look like.......
Mom says I'm as pretty as a picture
Those pretty Valentine gifts were from Miss Carol two years ago.  Miss Carol and Mom have been good friends for lots of years, they both love prezzies and send each other tons of prezzies all year, they don't need a special occasion.
It was so nice meeting you, I do hope you come back for another visit.  Prudence and I will write next week's post - it's about "oh, I'm sorry, Prudence, I didn't know that we don't tell about the next post."
Thank you for visiting us.
Hi Guys,
Isn't Missy adorable?  We are having loads of fun, and we will tell you about our adventures in upcoming posts.  She doesn't want to share her Easter egg with me but that's okay, she is brand new here and when she  gets more better settled in she will understand that we respect each others stuff.
Heaps of Hugs


  1. Adorable rabbit! Ready for Spring....can't wait for Spring

  2. Missy Carrots is just adorable! I'm so ready to get out some Spring things. Hope you all have a good week. Dollie hugs, Diane and Wendy (still ready for the football game! lol)

  3. So pleased to meet you, dear Missy! You are such a sweet bunny & I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  4. Oh my what a lil cutie you are! Nice to meet a new friend!

  5. glad Lil Missy and Prudence are getting along and will be the best of friends. I look forward to reading all about their new adventures together! Sending hugs to Lil Missy!

  6. Hi Missy, You are just cute as can be and I know you are going to love your new forever home.
    Hi Prudence, so glad you and Missy are getting along so well. Looking forward to your adventures.
    Hi Joyce~~~ Have a great rest of the weekend. xo


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