Friday, June 10, 2016

Jessie's Mater Plant 2016

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Our little Jessie
Sweet little Molly Brown
Tomato Hound checking her plant
Well, it's about that time again - report on Jessie's mater plant.  For those of you who are new to my blog I'll tell you all about this.
M&D adopted Jessie on March 12, 2008 - she was a rescue about 9 months old.  We lived in Tallahassee, FL and Mom loved growing a cherry tomato plant on the deck in the backyard. 
Planting time came, the little plant was planted in a BIG pot right next to the French doors leading from the family room to the deck.  
Just as the tomatoes were starting to show we noticed Jessie sniffing the plant.  One morning, there it was - the first bee-u-tee-ful little ripe tomato.  Jessie stopped, sniff, sniff, chomp!  No more little tomato.  And so this little tradition began and has continued all these years.
Now that we live in the western NC mountains Jessie has her little plant on the back porch - about 30' from the ground.  It is loaded with little green tomatoes and each morning on the way down to the yard for potty Mom takes them on the back porch for "walk about" to hang the hummingbird feeder (we take it in at night because of bears - even 30' off the ground) and Jessie goes right to her mater plant.  She knows where the little green ones are and seems to sniff each one - waiting.
She carefully takes one ripe tomato off "HER" plant and enjoys that sweet taste.
Precious?  You bet it is and last summer our little Molly Brown, rescue, (adopted on January 19, 2006) watched but she would never try a piece when we offered it to her.  Well, that changed, one little taste and now she loves them but only in very small pieces.

And there you have it - Jessie's Mater Plant story.

I wish you a wonderful weekend, lots of laughs, love, and of course - most important - Blessings.



  1. Oh what a sweet story. Happy memories of Jessie's Mater Plant!!
    Love your pics. Two special pups for sure!! xo

  2. Sweet babies...I have wondered about her hugs to all!


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