Friday, September 23, 2016

Biltmore Estate

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi, M&D were at Biltmore Estate last week and they went to Cedric's Tavern for a late lunch.

These are the beautiful sculptures of Cornelia and Cedric outside the restaurant.  Cornelia was the only child born to George and Edith Vanderbilt.  The family dog, Cedric (which the tavern is named after), was Mr. Vanderbilt's pride and joy.
Upon entering the restaurant there is a beautiful showcase which displays Cedric's collar.  The tag says "Cedric" Vanderbilt.  It is 33 inches around, Cedric was a Saint Bernard, weighing 230 pounds, now that was quite a family pet.
The walls are adorned with wonderful pictures of the family and Cedric, friends with Cedric, and young Cornelia with her puppy.
We have yearly passes for the estate, so we are there many times during the year and usually do the house tour at Christmas.  Downstairs are the kitchens, pantries, staff dining rooms, etc.  And there, like another household, is a gate which has printed on it - "Cedric's Gate", and yes, it closes off the kitchens.

Wishing you a very nice weekend.
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  1. It's a beautiful time of year to have lunch at the Biltmore. Enjoy your weekend my friend. Hugs, Diane

  2. Was there once and would love to see it at Christmas! Someday...

  3. Hi Joyce, What a wonderful time to visit and lunch at the Biltmore. I'm sure it was a fun day. Lovely photo!! Happy Fall!


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