Friday, November 4, 2016

Last big project..........

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Hi, Everybeary.
Mom said that this is the last big project in the house.  
 Okay, this WAS what the fireplace looked like, it was awful, ugly, made the family room look cold and uninviting.  So once again, Dad to the rescue, he designed the new hearth, choose the stone work and our contractor took a piece of old Spalted Cherry tree and made the mantle.

The old...
There was an opening above the mantle, that was where the telly was.....first we just closed it up until we were ready to redo the entire wall.
Hearth and mantel in place.  That piece of drywall was where a television was when we came to look at the house, we all laughed.  So, bye bye hole over the mantle.  Zip.
 View from the Family Room.  Yes, the porch is 30 feet above the backyard, but the front of the house is at ground level.  It's called "living in the mountains".  (Giggle)
From the middle French door.
Molly Brown and Jessie is the new fireplace.  It changed the room completely.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Heaps of Hugs
That was my Halloween picture with our October ornie.  Yes, I was secured on the railing but the ornie wasn't.  Giggle.

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