Friday, January 6, 2017

First It's Funny Friday in 2017

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

I just have to share this story just to tell you how goofy Mom and Dad really are.  Mom got a very generous Hobby Lobby Gift Card, and in the box was this card

Okay, so Mom "calls" to make a reservation to be driven to HL and also makes a reservation for one of the lunches.  Okay, not so funny, right?
The "SUV-sine"  is backed up our driveway, motor running and out jumps the driver - nicely dressed and very mannerly......he opens the passenger side for Mom to get in but instead she waits patiently by the passenger second row door.  Okay, the driver opens the door for her, she gets in and her favorite CD "Phantom Of The Opera" is playing and away they drive.
Okay guys, I mean - really?  Mom just has to take a joke one step further, and she did, she rode all the way to HL in the second row seat, to lunch and back home.  Giggle.

I live with a bunch of bananas, I really do.


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  1. Oh my! I'm going to read this to someone around here and see what he thinks! ME? I think it is GRAND!!! Hope you get some snow (and get to stay home and enjoy it!) Sweet hugs, Diane


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