Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monkey World
Ape Rescue Centre

We would like to give you just a little background about Monkey World.  Jim & Alison (both Americans) began the project in the UK with just a barren piece of land.  Through their hard work, stubbornness & determination they created this wonderful sanctuary to rescue and protect these beautiful creatures.

Jim has passed, but Alison continues to work around the world with the rescue.  Please "visit" Monkey World on our Blog (they are now the largest ape rescue in the world).  Just scroll down on the left and you will see their link.  We are true believers that through rescue and protection we can make a difference for the animals we share our planet with.  They were given to us to enjoy and we all need to help in the effort to protect them, from the very smallest to the largest.

Prudence, Sissy & I wish you the happiest of days, filled with love & smiles.
The Three of Us
Thank you, Jane for forwarding this information to us, hugs to our friend "across the pond".

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